JCC Tough Bay Range - Durability that delivers outstanding light and effeciency. 

The Toughbay range provides a durable and efficient direct replacement for the equivalent HID metal halide that industrial applications have become accustomed to. Available in 5700K with 1-10V dimmable and non-dimmable variants. Toughbay is a complete solution for industrial lighting. The full Toughbay range is available with a 3 hour maintained emergency pack. The pack utilises an LED indicator that protrudes from the fitting, ensuring the status of the charge to the batteries is clearly visible from below the fitting. Toughbay has been designed and engineered for ultimate durability. With IK10 protection against impact it is relentlessly hard wearing. The range is entirely IP65 protected against dust and moisture ensuring Toughbay is suitable for the harshest environments.

IK10 rated for maximum impact resistance

IP65 protection against dust, moisture and environmental contaminants

Driver suitable for extreme operative temperatures, from -30°C up to +45°C

Toughbay Retrofit is available in 60°, 90° and 120° beam angle options, ensuring suitability for a wider variety of applications, whether it be racking, aisles or open plan areas. Typically you would use a more shallow 60° beam angle for higher mounting areas, creating a more direct output ensuring the ground below is illuminated to a sufficient level. Racking may require a wider beam angle to ensure the light spread covers the necessary areas. To ensure you receive the most out of the Toughbay range please contact first light for a free bespoke lighting scheme.