Low Energy Lighting - Today’s ranges of Low Energy Light Bulbs & Compact Fluorescent lamps - CFL , Incandescent replacements are of exceptional quality and most can directly replace a standard filament lamp. Turning every home in to a more environmentally friendly house can now be achieved using the latest designs and different colours and shapes that are available in Low Energy Lamps.
Fluorescent Tubes - We have available for dispatch probably the largest stocks of fluorescent tubes available in the UK. Every fluorescent tube is branded from the major manufacturers, and therefore quality is assured. We specialise in Commercial, Industrial, and Retail and other specialist market areas such as Aquatic, Reptile, Food, Printing, Coloured Tubes, Showrooms and Disco Lighting.
LED Light Bulbs - LED Bulbs were Invented by GE scientists in the 1960s LED light bulbs stand out because unlike lamps that can shatter, they are robust and highly resistant to shock and vibration. Due to the solid-state nature of LEDs in Bulbs, there are no filaments to break, no moving parts to fail and no glass components of any kind.
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