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The world of light bulbs has changed so much over the years it is hardly recognisable from where Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes used to be.

We used to all know the incandescent light bulbs or filament lamps as we used to call them and believe it or not, we still have availability of all of the older light bulbs such as coloured light bulbs. Even fluorescent tubes that we have all known for many years have slowly been replaced by Led Fluorescent Tubes, but thankfully we still sell and stock all the older style fluorescent tubes including a vast range of specialist fluorescent tubes such as Aquatic Fluorescent Tubes and Lighting.

Increasing Trend of Led Light Fittings

Many older style lamps have been lost due to the introduction of Led Light Fittings that have integrated light sources that cannot be changed, and you must change the whole LED Fitting. But the UK Government are considering changing this as the waste of Led Downlights being sent to land fill is overwhelming. So we are about to see another big change in the lighting and light bulb industry with no doubt LED Light source or lamps being introduced more widely so that light fittings and fluorescent fittings can have the light sources changed and stock the waste to landfill of valuable components.

First Light Directhas been selling LED Light Bulbs, Fluorescent Tubes, LED Tubes, Lamps and Light Fittings for over 35 years and we are a successful family run business built on the back of quality products from quality manufacturers only and delivering the best customer service.

We are proud of many things we have achieved in our 35 years history, but serving specialist markets such as farming with animal care lamps, aquatic lighting, stage lighting, and general small family run electrical contractors has been rewarding to delivery lamps and tubes to these markets and see them return for repeat orders for many years to come. This we can only say is that everyone in First Light Direct take pride in the service we delivery and we continue to deliver this great customer service to all our new customers.

Delivery of Quality Lighting

We are also stockists of LED Light Fittings from JCC Lighting and ML Knightsbridge Lighting and we have available stock for the complete ranges from both manufactures.

We are specialists in aquarium lights, lighting components such as ballasts and fluorescent end caps, LED light bulbs, low energy light bulbs, halogen light bulbs, candle light bulbs, Metal Halide Lighting and Sodium Lamps.

Our telephone sales team are available Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm and are more than happy to take an order over the telephone if you prefer. They can also give you advice on the latest light bulbs and fluorescent tubes available in the market place, and can advise you on the latest LED Light Bulbs that can replace normal halogen lamps or incandescent lamps.

Light is fundamental to our well being. On average, we spend up to 90% of our lives indoors and yet lighting is often an afterthought when decorating our homes.

Choose your lighting mood!

Chill out- forget the hustle and bustle of daily life...Let's get active- at work or at play...Save money- help keep your electricity bills down...Feel Secure- improve safety around the home...Guarantee information- all OSRAM energy savers come with a lifetime guarantee...Energy label information- how energy efficient is your light bulb?... Safety Notes- a few words of advice... See Above

Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tube Installation Advice

Ensure that the power is turned off to the lamp holders. - Allow the old light bulb to cool down before removing. - Do not apply excessive pressure to the light bulbs glass as it could shatter. -Do not over tighten the cap or base. - If you are unsure you should contact a Qualified Electrical Engineer. - Dispose of your old light bulbs safely and comply within all Enviromental Legislation.