T5 Fluorescent Tubes

T5 Fluorescent Tubes are the most popular fluorescent tube on the market and are sold to all types of situations and industries. These Fluorescent Tubes are very popular in offices in recessed and surface fluorescent 600mm X 600mm fluorescent luminaries. available in all colours including, red, green, yellow, pink, blue and much more.

GE T5 uses 5% less energy than other T5 lamps in the range, with the same lumen output. T5 is ideal for any indoor application from a single fitting to large scale installations such as offices, retail outlets and public buildings hence, very significant energy savings can be achieved.

• 5% energy saving with existing fittings on current controlled gear

• Reduced CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions

• Energy saving without loss of light output

• Excellent lumen maintenance

• Product life up to 36,000 hours at 12-hour burning cycle

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T5 Fluorescent Tubes

T5 fluorescent tubes are available in a range of styles and they are designed to suit varying requirements. What’s more, with many manufacturers offering them, it’s simple enough to find the right T5 light fixtures for your needs. So, we aim to provide plenty of choice, allowing you to discover the right solutions that meet the requirements of your current light fittings.

A common light fitting that is suitable for a range of applications, they are often ideal for areas that lack space while they are also ideal for providing lighting in areas such as shop fronts or under units. If you are seeking t5 tube lights then we take a look at the products we have on offer.


T5 Tube Lights

Fluorescent tube lights are available in different styles and with many options available it’s easy to find something that fits your needs. The lights are available in a range of temperatures and this includes white, cool white and warm white. It is also important to ensure you obtain the right measurement when looking for T5 tube lights as this does require you to measure from pin to pin.

You can benefit from the right lighting when you have access to the right tube light bulbs. We also offer CFLs or Compact Fluorescent lamps alongside our tube lights.


T5 Fluorescent Light Fixtures

T5 fluorescent lamps and light fixtures are highly efficient and are available in a range of watts, while they have exceptional lifespans of as much as 10,000 hours. There is an array of light bulbs to choose from and different fixtures to suit a range of settings and applications and that’s why we are always available to provide our assistance when it is required.