Low Voltage Halogen

Halogen Light Bulbs

Halogen Light Bulbs where first invented by GE Lighting in 1958. A halogen light bulb simply uses halogen gas to allow the halogen light bulbs to burn more brightly and also ensure that the life cycle of the lamp is not shortened. Halogen Light Bulbs produce a very clear and crisp light output, unlike the incandescent light bulbs they replace that can give out a yellowish glow.

Most commonly known for the GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs and the MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs are also available in many different shapes and wattages. A complete a full range of spot light bulbs are available as well as larges GU10 Light Bulbs known as the AR111 halogen Lamps. The traditional MR16 Light Bulbs that are 50mm in Diameter are now available in 35mm Diameter known as an MR11 and also 25mm Diameter known as an MR8. These lamps can sometimes also be called GU4 Light Bulbs.

GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs

A full range of coloured GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs are available as well as a complete range of MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs, such as Amber, Blue, Green, Lilac, Magenta, Purple, Pink, Red and Yellow. The most recent change to halogen light bulbs is the introduction of the Energy Saving Xenon Halogen Light Bulb range. These ranges of light bulbs are direct replacements for standard shaped light bulbs as well as spot lamps and candle light bulbs.

AR111 Halogen Lamps

The GE AR111 Aluminum facetted reflector for a better beam control has been designed to direct light and heat forward to ensure full protection for the gear. AR111 provides bright and white halogen quality of light (up to 2950K) especially suitable for decorative and architectural lighting.

Select UV control Tungsten halogen lamps emit some ultra violet rays similar to sunlight. Although the level of ultra violet emitted by halogen lamps is far lower – for example 8 hours in an office lit by halogen is equivalent to 10 minutes’ sun eliminating these emissions is a sensible precaution. Choosing UV control halogen lamps effectively eliminates UV-C and greatly reduces UV-B radiation.

How to achieve maximum lamp performance

  • Most instances of early failure of halogen lamps are caused by incorrect installation. The risk of early failure will be reduced if you observe the following points:
  • Damage such as bent pins and cracks in the base caused by rough handling during installation.
  • Poor electrical contact between pins and lampholder which can lead to arcing. This is usually a result of insufficient insertion of the pins into the lamp holder.
  • Finger grease on the quartz bulb which creates local hot spots and can lead to disintegration of the glass. Note this problem is avoided with sealed mirror reflectors or lamps with an integral outer glass envelope as the halogen bulb is protected from handling.
  • Over voltage – running a lamp at higher than rated voltage for prolonged periods can substantially reduce life. For example, a 5% increase in rated lamp voltage can lead to a 50% reduction in lamp life. If problems occur the voltage should be checked at the lamp base and the rating of the transformer should be checked against the lamp load applied.
  • Overheating is usually caused by insufficient ventilation or cooling of the lamp and can be the result of poorly designed installation. Overheating can be also caused by overvoltage, insertion of a dichroic reflector in closed fittings or usage of a higher wattage lamp than the fixture allows.
  • Open lamps should only be used within a shield, except self-shielded tungsten halogen lamps.
  • Atmospheric factors:- In harsh atmospheric conditions we would recommend ConstantColor™ which has a much more resilient coating plus the added advantage of 6000 hours. Humidity does not normally present a problem with dichroic lamps, however early lamp failure can occur in areas of high humidity such as in kitchens, bathrooms and swimming pools. In these applications, fittings should be chosen with a moisture resistance or IP rating, appropriate to the environmental conditions in which they will be used. Last 3x longer than traditional bulb
  • Fully dimmable ● 35% Energy Saving ● Reduces carbon footprint and landfill waste with 75% less material for disposal ● Allows a large reduction in the stock levels required The new Halogen Saver TWIST from BELL has been specially designed to create a fixture that replaces traditional light bulbs with a halogen saving alternative.

At the end of life simply unscrew the adaptor cover and replace the G9 capsule inside. A lamp with an aluminium coated reflector directs most of its heat to the front. With its distinct MR 16 look, the cool beam and aluminium lamps are the most compact lamps of their kind available. Because the lamp can be connected directly to the mains supply, the use of bulky and costly transformers is not necessary and offers benefits for both consumers as well as luminaire manufacturers. • Small size • High efficiency • Excellent white light • Up to 2000 hours life • Cool, white light, precise beam control, excellent colour performance and a lamp life of up to 6,000 hours. • Ideal for retail display lighting, decorative lighting and spotlighting of individual features – including heat sensitive items.