LED Crown Silvered and Crown Gold

Decorative light bulbs is something the first light direct specialise in and have done since our inception over 35 years ago our range of Crown silver light bulbs, silver tipped light bulbs, crown gold led bulbs and Ruby topped light bulbs is an example of the exquisite range of decorative lighting that we keep in stock within the UK.

Crown Silver Light Bulbs

Range of Crown silver light bulbs as well as our range of silver tip light bulbs are available in various styles such as I silver or crowning on the total top of the light bulb reflection on the left or right of the light bulb or indeed silvering and crowning on the base of the light bulb to reflect illumination upwards.

Crown Ruby Style Light Bulbs

At first Iight direct we even keep a range of Crown Ruby style light bulbs in a standard GLS shape lamp and are available in 4 watt what and 6 watt LED. How Crown gold LED bulbs are available in a 6 Walt JLS shaped lamp with an Edison screwed cap and are perfect for giving a rustic antique feel to any lighting design either in a domestic, hotel, or restaurant setting and compliment some of the greatest standard lamps and table lamps that are available in the marketplace today.

Are 95MM globe shaped silver tipped light bulbs are perfect when using them in high standard drop down pendant or spider lamp to create a large decorative display of silver lighting reflecting upwards or downwards depending on which image you are trying to illuminate. We also have a range of 95mm Crown gold LED lamps which can be used both internally or externally in a garden setting if required and also create great ambient lighting and mood lighting.

All of our silver tipped Crown Ruby and gold crowned LED lamps and bulbs are kept within our facility within the United Kingdom and can be delivered next day to any location within mainland UK.