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Fluorescent tubes are a very competitive means by which to illuminate an area large or small. There are many varieties and colours on offer in ranges to suit all tastes and requirements. Linear tubes should not be confused with compact fluorescent tubes (CFL) which are more commonly known as low energy light bulbs.Tubes require a fitting which contains an electronic ballast and/or a starter to ignite the chemicals in the tube to emit light.

There are various diameters of fluorescent tubes ranging from a T2 style that are 7mm diameter all the way up to T12 which are 38mm. However the two most popular sizes by far are the T5 (16mm) and T8 (25mm). These lamps are available with 2 different coatings which suit different budgets. Halophosphate coated which is for when the cost is the important driver, and triphosphor coated when the designer is requiring high quality colour rendering and greatly improved energy efficiency.

All the above are still very common within domestic settings as well and can still be found in many kitchen lights schemes as well as garages. Within kitchens the common use is in under shelf lighting which generally uses T2, T4 and or T5 fluorescent tubes and smilite fluorescent tubes.

Circular fluorescent tubes are still designed in to lights and in many amenity light fittings you can still find circular in both T5, T9 and T12 sizes. It is particularly important to the consumer that they change a circular lamp with the same diameter lamp as the ballast are designed specifically for particular lamps and are generally not inter changeable.

U shaped are now becoming quite rare, however in commercial lighting schemes they can still be found. Hospital lighting still has U Shaped units in many light fittings and the spread of light if used with the correct prismatic lenses can be broad and therefore allow one U shaped tube to take the place of 2 or 3 straight fluorescent tubes.

Tubes are mostly thought of being used in a commercial application such as office blocks, warehouses or industrial applications. However they are also used very often in domestic environments such as kitchens for under cabinets, garages for general use and in places such as fridges and display areas.

Fluorescent tubes by design cannot be simply plugged into the mains voltage as they require a ballast unit and on occasions a starter to make the chemical reaction creating a gas discharge that then produces light. Every fitting purchased must have a ballast unit within it and therefore send the correct frequency of electronic current to the lamp to ensure the chemical reaction is created.

The original and first styles of the T12 lamp where 38mm o/d and up to 8 feet in length that only produced 125watts of output. These old style are now slowly being withdrawn from the market place as they are very inefficient in there output and much more environmentally friendly and efficient styles are now available such as the T5 lamp that is only 16mm in diameter, less than half the size and greater light output. There are also various other styles apart from the T5 Lamp, such as the T4. The T4 is generally used in fittings under kitchen units and are sometimes known as the Smilite. Smilite was a brand from MFI, and we have stock of this Smilite T4 ready today as they are no longer available from MFI that have cessed trading.

Fluorescent tubes play a much greater part today in the commercial world by improving health and safety for the employees of many types of industry. Printers can have their eye sight greater protected by installing lamps which emit a output and colour rendering near that of natural daylight. by Using daylight Tubes, the printers eye sight is not harmed by poor levels and or by straining, whilst ensuring also that the printers and colour mixers can see accurately the shades of colour, creating a better quality finish.

Also many commercial interior designers today are ensuring they incorporate into their designs the use of daylight lamps within commercial buildings especially where natural daylight is not present. This can create a much better environment for the employees and improve production and productivity, and stop many employees from reporting that the building has inadequate natural daylight, and goes along way to reduce sickness and improve employee health.

T8 lamps are still very popular and the most popular is the 18watt T8 Tube, which is installed in most offices today. The T8 Lamp is going to around for a long time yet and we continue to keep cool white, daylight, warm white and standard white on the shelf in the thousands. T8 is still a very effective means of lighting a commercial office floor, and although many new offices are moving over to T5, T8 is still a cheap tube to purchase.

There are many forms of specialist products in the range which are used in all sorts of different applications. There are fluorescent tubes that are used for medical purposes for treating skin conditions, these lamps produce very high levels of UV that kill various bacteria associated with skin complaints, and are only available on prescription. Also lamps that are used in car show rooms to enhance the colour and paint work of the metallic paint finishes. And there are even ones that are used in butchers to make the meat look fresher to enhance sales.

We specialise in Aquarium Lighting also can sell from stock all types of aquatic lamp, for salt water, fresh water, and even reptiles, most of the stock we hold for Aquarium Lighting is from NARVA Gmbh or GE both very good quality brands. Germicidal fluorescent tubes are also used to clean aquatic tanks and ponds and should be changed regularly to ensure that the water quality stays healthy at all times for your animals. If you are wishing to help aquatic plant life or require your greenhouse to have a better lighting solution then try Growlux which enhances plant growth, these units have the correct UVA and UVB ranges to ensure your plants grow correctly indoors.

T2 Fluorescent - These are a very thin 7mm diameter tube, which are used in cornice and under shelf lighting when space is at a premium

T4 Fluorescent - These are a 12mm Diameter tube which is used a lot in kitchen lighting and plinth lighting

T5 Fluorescent - These are a 15mm Diameter tube and are a very low energy modern solution used a lot in commercial and retail lighting, especially suspended ceilings. Available in all colours and also in standard and shatterproof versions.

T8 Fluorescent - these are a 25mm Diameter tube and have been around for many years now. these are slowly being replaced by T5 tubes. These are available in all colours and all special colours also, and most types are available in standard or shatterproof styles.

T12 Fluorescent - these are 38mm Diameter tubes and are very much in decline today, available only in 5ft and 6ft, these have been phased out by the European Ban on high energy tubes.

LED Fluorescent - These are available only to replace standard T8 fluorescent tubes at present. However these new tubes are very energy efficient and will save a lot of money in electricity costs. 

At First Light Direct we can cater for any requirements, all specialist lamps are available from any of two warehouses and can be on site ready for installation by you within 24 hours if required.

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