Candle Light Bulbs

Decorative lighting can sometimes be complete with using the correct lamp. This can be a candle light bulb which is still available in various styles despite the EU ban on various types of candle lamp.

We keep all standard styles such as clear candle lamps and twisted glass lamps, but we also keep Girard Sudron Lamps such as the bent tip candle lamps.

Bell G9 Adaptors

However many people are not aware of more recent lamps that are now available in this range such as the Bell G9 Adaptors which give the customer complete control of the base and the type of candle glass, so you can still get opal candle lamps and frosted candle lamps from us using the BELL G9 adaptors.

Our Bell G9 adapters are perfect for when you only wish to have one lamp in the entire building to replace. This range of Bell G9 Adapters have various covers to simulate candle light bulbs, golf ball light bulbs and all coloured light bulbs.

Halogen Saver Candle Lamps

Another more recent lamp In the candle lamp series is the new halogen saver candle lamp which is available from various suppliers such as BELL Lighting, OSRAM and GE Lighting. We keep all of these in stock along with all the other energy saving candle lamps.

We have spent many years ensuring that we stock all kinds of Candle Light Bulbs from clear standard shaped candle light bulbs through to decorative candle light bulbs such as flicker flame lamps.

Opal Candle Light Bulbs

We have even still got various opal candle light bulbs available in stock following the EU ban on opal and high wattage incandescent light bulbs. Our range of coloured light bulbs are perfect for Christmas and Halloween to make the perfect lighting for a party. All colours of cabdle light bulbs are available for next day delivery.

Our range of energy saving candle light bulbs and LED candle light bulbs is vast and we probably have more available for delivery next day from the 3 warehouses than anyone else.

LED candle light bulbs are now able to simulate standard candle light bulbs with high out puts, so these are now available to save money in the whole life costs of the product.

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