16W T8 720mm

16w 720mm T8 Fluorescent Tubes

The 16w 720mm fluorescent tubes are a popular choice of lighting and they come in a range  of colours. This highly flexible light fitting offers a different type of light when compared to that of standard T8 fluorescent tubes.

The 720mm led tube is perfect for of settings such as shops, restaurants, schools and offices as well as industrial settings. There are extremely versatile which makes them a suitable replacement for standard tubes. Furthermore, they are well-built and designed to last.

16w Fluorescent Tubes

Unlike candle light bulbs, fluorescent light bulbs are designed for larger light fittings. They offer more light and are designed for downlighting certain areas across a range of requirements. This type of fitting is designed to offer maximum efficiency which means that you will always be able to rely on them.

Different settings require a different form of lighting and these come in a range of colours, making it possible to find exactly what you are looking for.


720mm T8 Led Tube

The 720mm fluorescent tube has been designed to offer reliability and longevity because they use the latest technology. Their unique shape and design make them different to standard light fittings which means that they don’t come with edison or bayonet fittings and this is why they are more common in commercial or industrial settings.

However, we stock a wide range of fluorescent tubes that can complement your specific requirements. If you are seeking a solution that delivers an excellent amount of light as well as reliability then the 720mm T8 LED Tube is the perfect choice for you.