Lighting Components

We have a massive level of stock and great prices of Lighting Components that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Branded quality lamps and tubes only from the major manufacturers and quality service as well. "

We carry a full and comprehensive range of all lighting components for repair or construction of light fittings.

We can supply water-resistant lampholders to various IP ratings. These can be supplied with your specified cable lengths. Our lampholders are specified by many of the major oil companies for their forecourts. We also supply water-resistant ballasts to IP67 to use in conjunction with our water-resistant lampholders.

Our fluorescent end caps from BJB fit all styles of fluorescent tubes. Our fluorescent end caps are capable of being fitted as a stand alone end cap or an integrated end cap with fluorescent starter included. We have tomb stone end caps as well as standard fix down versions of T2, T4, T5, T8 and T12 end caps.

We have a full range of pre wired Jerrard Bro Arcadia end caps for use in standard light fittings or within aquarium lighting systems. These include IP44 and IP64 Fluorescent end caps wired with either 2mtrs or 3mtrs leads.

To complement our range of end caps we have a full range of fluorescent tube holders or terry clips to hold a fluorescent tube in place. These terry clips are designed to allow them to be screwed down from behind. Our Terry Clips are available in T5, T8 or T12 versions.

All of our fluorescent starters are manufactured by mainline manufacturers such as GE, Philips or OSRAm. The most popular fluorescent tubes starters are the multi purpose ST111 version.

We also have available from stock a range of lamp holders that come complete with brackets to allow an easy fix solution into already installed light fittings.