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LED Light Fittings, Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes

We have been selling Light Bulbs, Fittings, and fluorescent tubes for over 25 years now. All of our UK fluorescent tubes are from major brands such as Philips, Sylvania, GE and from JCC Lighting UK and Robus LED UK.

We have learnt over that time just exactly what lighting and bulbs our customers look for and what types of technology to keep our customers up to date with, such as LED Bulbs. We keep a vast range of Fluorescent Tubes UK Lights in stock in 3 locations so that we can deliver to our customer’s door next day if they require. We stock traditional styles such as candleand halogen including GU10 and AR111 Lamps. We are specialized in Aquarium Lighting for many years and we are now able to offer the entire Narva GmbH (Narva UK) range of aquarium lighting in such all types of aquarium from fresh water, tropical tanks, salt water tanks and even reptiles. The UK has always been dominated by brands such as Interpet, but now the UK has other sources available that are quality products at much more affordable cost.

Our luminaire range of is from two of the most popular manufacturers, JCC UK and Robus LED . These two manufacturers have been selling through wholesalers for many years and now these brands are available to all through the online retail outlets we have built together with each of them. So if it is downlights, garden, under cabinet lighting for simply wall ceramic fittings we can supply them all direct to your project and door step. We have a fantastic range of LED products available in the UK such as the JCC LED7 and also the TRILED from Robus. Both of these come from UK sources and are fantastic replacements for halogen.

We are very proud of our ranges and both the manufacture we use can offer. Both of these UK manufactures also have a full range of LED Bulbs they can offer as well. Using the best available, that we can find gives us and you peace of mind when using either our manufacturers.

Our LED lighting range is amongst the best available, we stock all leading brands and can supply led's, ranging from 100 Lumens to 700 Lumens and these are direct retrofits for GU10 styles that you may have today. We have special offers available for bulk packs of LED Lamps in packs of 10, so please ensure you look at these and see the huge discounts available to you.

We would not be a retail outlet if we didn’t keep the full range of low energy efficient bulbs, which of course we do. Compact Fluorescents as they have become known as are available in all shapes and sizes such as, Candle, Globe, Spiral, Golf Ball and Standard Incandescent shape also. Many of the low energy products are available in dimmable versions and many works with as standard dimmer switch such as MK, Crabtree, GE, Legrand etc.

We can if the scheme is large enough get a UK engineer to contact you and arrange a survey that will ensure that the correct products are designed in and that you have the correct lumen outputs that will conform to UK legislation of Part P and Part L of the building regulations.

We have over 25 years of experience in shipping throughout the world. Our range and depth of stock of all types of lights is massive and we are proud to partner quality suppliers throughout the UK and the world to ensure that all the shipments we sell are top quality and made to the highest standards.

If it is retail you are interested in, or simply luminaires for your garden we can supply them, and have them with you next day, or if you wish you can call and collect if you pre arrange with the sales team who can advise which depot to collect from that is convenient to your address and location.

We are here from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday by telephone. We are always happy to give you any technical help you need.

We carry an entire range of all the UK’s major light manufactures, such as GE Lighting, Philips Lighting, OSRAM, Megaman and much more. We have stock available from 3 warehouses throughout the UK  all types of Lights that can dispatch the correct Light Bulbs or Fluorescent Tubes direct to you for the next working day.

We have many years of experience in selling and ensuring that fittings arrive in one piece. However sometimes damage in transit can occur and we are more than happy to replace these should this occur. We only ask that you try to sign for the package as damaged or better still refuse the package if it sounds like the units are damaged. UK carriers are getting better but be cautious and look at the parcel carefully for signs of damage.

We are now also stockists of JCC Lighting and Robus LED Lighting and we have available for dispatch the complete ranges from both manufactures.

We are specialists in Aquarium, Components such as Ballasts and Fluorescent End Caps, LED, Low Energy, Halogen, Metal Halide  and Sodium.

Our telephone sales team is available Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm and are more than happy to take an order over the telephone if you prefer. They can also give you advise on the latest light bulbs and fluorescent tubes available in the market place, and can advise you on the latest LEDs that can replace normal halogen or incandescent lamps.

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The following documents are for demonstration purposes only, the data supplied was accurate at the time it was issued from the manufacturer. First contained within each document. You should check the latest available documents from any manufacture, please look directly on the manufacturers own web sites.

For many years the commercial and retail market place has seen fluorescent lighting being used in many of the light fittings you see in these very situations. However, in contrast the residential lighting environment has seen very little use of fluorescent lighting other than in some traditional areas such as the garage or kitchen.

This tide is now changing and today we see many new fluorescent light fittings being designed for the residential market and fluorescent lighting can now be seen in many applications for a house. This has replaced the more traditional light bulb, which for many years has been the tried and trusted light source for homes.  Many today find the compact fluorescent lighting available just as good and equivalent to the traditional light bulb.

However, we have not seen the last of the traditional light bulb as these are now being manufactured in halogen styles, which in appearance are the same shape as the old style light bulb but with a halogen filament instead of the incandescent filament the traditional light bulb had. So don’t be too quick at throwing away light fittings that used the old style and shape light bulb, as if you look you will find either a halogen shape light bulb that replaces the old shape light bulb or even an LED Light Bulb that will look just the same.

All of this now means that there is much more choice of light fittings available to the consumer, which in the main must be a good thing. With different lamps being used, light fittings have had to adapt and change in style and appearance and even in the type of lamp that fittings can be installed with. This is because many manufacturers of light fittings are making fittings that can use either a compact fluorescent light bulb, an LED Lamp or even retro fit halogen energy saver lamps.

So where does lighting go from here? Well this is a very good question as light fittings and lamps are changing at such a fast pace it is difficult to tell what will be next. But one thing is for sure, homes will for many years want to see light bulbs that can be used in the light fittings they have been using for many years now. So, if only halogen retrofits or even LED Lamps are currently fitting these applications, manufacturers of fluorescent lighting will have to work much harder to make the fluorescent lighting more appealing to the consumer or make Compact Fluorescent Lamps that are much more appealing in appearance to home owners, which many are striving to do.

We are also stockists of LED Light Fittings from JCC Lighting and Robus LED Lighting and we have available stock for the complete ranges from both manufactures.

We are specialists in aquarium lights, lighting components such as ballasts and fluorescent end caps, LED light bulbs, low energy light bulbs, halogen light bulbs, candle light bulbs, Metal Halide Lighting and Sodium Lamps.

Our telephone sales team are available Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm and are more than happy to take an order over the telephone if you prefer. They can also give you advice on the latest light bulbs and fluorescent tubes available in the market place, and can advise you on the latest LED Light Bulbs that can replace normal halogen lamps or incandescent lamps.