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We pride ourselves on the individual attention we give to each and every order received from our customers, large or small we ensure that "you" the customer are the most important part of our company.

Since 1995 we have grown to be a recognized solution to Light Fittings, Light Bulbs and Tubes for our customers, from Hotels, Shops, Pubs and Households alike.

We have thousands of Light Fittings, Light bulbs and Tubes available for dispatch. But should you have a requirement that is not shown on the site please contact us and we can have it uploaded on the site, just for you, within hours.

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We strive for service and satisfaction in lighting with the following:

  • Customer Service Help Line (01737) 845540
  • Any Lamp or Fitting Any Where, If you can't find it Try Us First
  • No Quibble Returns Policy (see above)
  • Fast and Friendly Service
  • Various Delivery Methods, Next Day, Two Day, Standard and International
  • Levels of Stock Available others can't match
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  • Honesty and Trust is what we work on.

Light Fittings

  • Always ask a qualified electrician to install products.
  • LED Lighting can now save you money.
  • Always use the correct Light Bulb in fittings.
  • Don’t use wattages that are too big for the fittings. EVER.
  • Turn Light Fittings of to save power or fit PIRs.  

Light Bulbs & Fluorescent Tube Installation Advice

  • Ensure that the power is turned off to the light bulb holders.
  • Allow the old light bulb to cool down before removing.
  • Do not apply excessive pressure to the light bulbs glass as it could shatter.
  • Do not over tighten the cap or base.
  • If you are unsure you should contact a Qualified Electrical Engineer.
  • Dispose of your old light bulbs safely and comply within all Environmental Legislation.

Light is fundamental to our well being. On average, we spend up to 90% of our lives indoors and yet lighting is often an afterthought when decorating our homes.

Choose your lighting mood!

  • Chill out - forget the hustle and bustle of daily life...
  • Let's get active - at work or at play...
  • Save money - help keep your electricity bills down...
  • Feel Secure - improve safety around the home...
  • Guarantee information - all OSRAM energy savers come with a lifetime guarantee...
  • Energy label information - how energy efficient is your light bulb?... 
  • Safety Notes - a few words of advice... See Above

Light Bulbs were first invented 50 years before Thomas Edison improved the invention in 1879, however still today many think it was him that invented light bulbs. However since then the light bulb has changed time and time again and is now an item that everyone uses through out the world. Light Bulbs and Fluorescent Tubes have simply put two ways of working:-

  • Fluorescent Tubes and Low Energy type Light Bulbs simply pass an electrical current through a starter or ballast unit that then ignites various chemicals or powders that then cause a chemical reaction and again as with Incandescent and Halogen Light Bulbs a glow will then appear and it is enhanced in the same way through the glass housing. Incandescent Light Bulbs and Halogen Type Light Bulbs Pass an electrical current through a thin strand of metal, generally tungsten and the strand of wire will glow brightly. This stand of wire is housed in a vacuum enclosed clear or coloured glass vessel that then magnifies the element, and therefore enhances the illumination.

In today’s world light bulbs are used for far more than just simply lighting up a room or a garden. They can be used to enhance the growth of plant with grolux light bulbs; they can be used to clean water using sterilisation light bulbs; and they can be used to see in the dark or for heating using infra red light bulbs.

Light Bulbs and fluorescent tubes have so many varieties and uses that it would be impossible to describe them all however one of the latest advances is that light bulbs can now be used for helping the human race with depression or what is called seasonal affective disorder syndrome “SADS”. This means that many people lives can be enhanced when otherwise they would be left feeling depressed. This breakthrough is due to the fact the engineers can now replicate varying colour temperatures and colour rendering.

As the many years of lighting technology has moved the possibilities of commercial and household light bulbs from standard household ranges to the many styles available today the race for technological advancements has not stopped. Engineers from around the world are racing ahead to develop LED Light Bulbs (Light Emitting Diodes). The LED Light Bulbs consume a tinny fraction of the electrical consumption of many of the standard incandescent light bulbs they are designed to replace, and what’s more they last for many thousands of hours. This type of lighting engineering will change many aspects of light bulbs during the coming years, with LED Fluorescent Tubes, LED Light Fittings being launched all the time from all the major light bulb manufacturers.

First Light Direct has specialised also in Aquarium and Reptile Lighting. Si, if you are an aquatic keeper then we have the answer in many forms. Our Range of sterilisation light bulbs and fluorescent tubes is simply huge, we have everything from sterilisation light bulbs in PLS, PLC and PLL styles and every variety of fluorescent sterilisation tube available from stock. For reptiles we have every thing from full spectrum fluorescent tubes and full spectrum light bulbs through to infra red heater lamps and ceramic heaters. Using daylight spectrum lamps specifically designed for reptiles will enhance your animals wellbeing and comfort.

Standard light bulbs of high wattage will be outlawed by the EU parliament during September 2009, so the following lamps such must bought early should you wish to keep stocks. High wattage reflector light bulbs, candle light bulbs, high wattage coloured light bulbs and many more. These will be replaced by various types of low energy light bulbs, many of which are now the same shape and size to the incandescent light bulbs they are replacing. Despite belief of many dimmable low energy light bulbs are available in many shapes and sizes. Even halogen light bulbs can be changed over to low energy light bulbs, such as the very popular GU10 light bulbs. These GU10 light bulbs are now available in a direct equivalent low energy version and are even available in dimmable versions. On average low energy light bulbs use 5 times less energy and most styles last 10 times longer than the older versions they are replacing.


New products


  • BELL LampsBELL Lamps

    Continued investment in cutting edge technology has gained BELL a reputation in the industry for unique energy saving product manufactured to the highest specification. The onsite laboratory and QC control centre ensure product meets the highest standards for performance and safety and comply with all the latest EU conformity requirements.

    The National distribution centre covers 50 000 square feet in the central location of West Yorkshire, ensuring good stock holding and national next day delivery.

  • BLV Light BulbsBLV Light Bulbs

    A great proportion of our products are “made in Germany” and are manufactured under strict quality aspects in our production site at Steinhöring near Munich. Under the umbrella of the globally renowned USHIO Group, the world market leader for special lighting with about EUR 1.5 billion turnover, we are your German partner that you can rely on.

  • Crompton LampsCrompton Lamps

    In 1927 Colonel Crompton formed a partnership with Frank Parkinson and together they founded Crompton Parkinson which developed into a substantial manufacturing business producing a whole range of industrial electrical products. This business flourished until 1968 when it was acquired by Hawker Siddeley aerospace group where it remained until 1991 when it was acquired by the industrial conglomerate BTR. Crompton Lamps was part of Crompton Lighting; in 1999 Crompton Lighting Ltd was acquired by Cooper Industries and operated under the name of Cooper Lighting and Security Ltd.

  • GE LightingGE Lighting
  • IwasakiIwasaki


    EYE Lighting Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd – one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of high-quality light sources.

    Specialising in varied white light solutions, we at EYE Lighting Europe Ltd offer high performance products for specification, architectural and high profile installations, adding value and increased profile to all lighting projects.

    In the UK, the company has warehousing, full commercial support and a showroom facility.

    All of the Iwasaki / EYE products supplied by EYE Lighting Europe Ltd are manufactured to European ICE standards. Because Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd is a global company (see our links on contact us page) we are able to supply in the UK products manufactured by any other Iwasaki Electric Company around the world.

  • Kosnic LampsKosnic Lamps

    Founded in 2002, Kosnic UK Ltd

    With over 700 products in production, our LED lamps, luminaires and modules are widely recognised by trade professionals and their client base as amongst the most innovative and reliable and wide ranging LED products on the market.

    We are an independent UK company with sales, marketing, product design, warehousing and distribution facilities located at our headquarters based in Newbury, Berkshire.  The Kosnic Technology Centre (KTC) for Research and Development is based in Shanghai, with factory operations located across the UK and China.

    Our success is based on the creation of innovative, robust lamps and luminaires that deliver quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible lighting solutions for residential, commercial and the public sector alike.

  • MegamanMegaman
  • Narva Lamps & TubesNarva Lamps & Tubes
  • Osram Light BulbsOsram Light Bulbs
  • Philips LampsPhilips Lamps