Aquarium Lighting

Aquarium Lighting

First Light Direct has for many years specialized in various types of specialist lighting. Aquarium Lighting is one of the range of light bulbs that we keep on the shelf. It is essential that aquariums use the correct lighting to ensure the safe health of fish or reptiles. Sterilization Light Bulbs for cleaning and sterilization of ponds is yet another variety which is available in fluorescent tube versions or PLC and PLS versions. With so many options available, our aquarium lighting provides a stylish & an attractive solution for all aquariums. Shop with us for the right aquarium lighting for your fish tank!

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Apart from aquarium lighting, one of our most popular ranges is daylight light bulbs and daylight fluorescent tubes. These tubes can be used to simulate the effects of natural daylight, and can therefore change the appearance and atmosphere of a room by making it much brighter and warmer.

Another vast area of specialist lighting is photographic light bulbs, theatre and studio light bulbs. A full range of either A1 photographic light bulbs, T class theatre light bulbs or CP class studio light bulbs are available from our vast stocks.

Many of us have aquariums in our homes, and spend many hours searching for replacement fluorescent tubes to suit the tank we bought many years previously.

Well look no further as we are fully stocked up to suit all your need in aquarium lighting using only the best brands of fluorescent tubes from manufacturers such as GE Lighting and NARVA Gmbh.

Our range of fluorescent tubes for use in aquarium lighting are in various ranges, such as; Salt Water Fluorescent Tubes, Fresh Water Fluorescent Tubes and Plant Grolux Fluorescent Tubes. We have a full range of Daylight Fluorescent Tubes up to 9000K and 10000K which is perfect for natural day light tanks. Aquarium Lighting is vital to the health of a salt water or freshwater tank and that is why we stock the high quality brands we have ready for delivery today.

All aquatic keepers understand the importance of keeping live rock and corals alive and healthy. This is why we have high output fluorescent tubes available within our aquarium lighting range to ensure that live rock and corals are kept healthy.

There are also many led light fittings available in the market place for aquarium tanks, however to date we have not found any that we are comfortable in supplying within our range of standard LED Light Fittings range. Led Light Fittings like to dispense heat away from the LED chip to ensure that the chip is kept cold, which ensure that its life expectancy is kept as hi as possible. All aquariums for tropical and marine environments are kept at temperature that we have found does not suit LED light fittings in aquarium lighting.

To complement the fluorescent aquarium lighting we also offer a full range of fluorescent pre wired fluorescent tubes end caps in both IP64 and IP68 versions for water resistance. We also carry the full range and selection of Fluorescent Tubes starters and ballast units for all types and sizes of fluorescent tubes.

With our range of T5 and T8 fluorescent aquarium lighting and all of the accessories and fluorescent end caps we know we have products at considerably reduced costs from aquarium outlets on the high street and we deliver direct to your door as well.

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New products


  • BELL LampsBELL Lamps

    Continued investment in cutting edge technology has gained BELL a reputation in the industry for unique energy saving product manufactured to the highest specification. The onsite laboratory and QC control centre ensure product meets the highest standards for performance and safety and comply with all the latest EU conformity requirements.

    The National distribution centre covers 50 000 square feet in the central location of West Yorkshire, ensuring good stock holding and national next day delivery.

  • BLV Light BulbsBLV Light Bulbs

    A great proportion of our products are “made in Germany” and are manufactured under strict quality aspects in our production site at Steinhöring near Munich. Under the umbrella of the globally renowned USHIO Group, the world market leader for special lighting with about EUR 1.5 billion turnover, we are your German partner that you can rely on.

  • Crompton LampsCrompton Lamps

    In 1927 Colonel Crompton formed a partnership with Frank Parkinson and together they founded Crompton Parkinson which developed into a substantial manufacturing business producing a whole range of industrial electrical products. This business flourished until 1968 when it was acquired by Hawker Siddeley aerospace group where it remained until 1991 when it was acquired by the industrial conglomerate BTR. Crompton Lamps was part of Crompton Lighting; in 1999 Crompton Lighting Ltd was acquired by Cooper Industries and operated under the name of Cooper Lighting and Security Ltd.

  • GE LightingGE Lighting
  • IwasakiIwasaki


    EYE Lighting Europe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd – one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of high-quality light sources.

    Specialising in varied white light solutions, we at EYE Lighting Europe Ltd offer high performance products for specification, architectural and high profile installations, adding value and increased profile to all lighting projects.

    In the UK, the company has warehousing, full commercial support and a showroom facility.

    All of the Iwasaki / EYE products supplied by EYE Lighting Europe Ltd are manufactured to European ICE standards. Because Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd is a global company (see our links on contact us page) we are able to supply in the UK products manufactured by any other Iwasaki Electric Company around the world.

  • Kosnic LampsKosnic Lamps

    Founded in 2002, Kosnic UK Ltd

    With over 700 products in production, our LED lamps, luminaires and modules are widely recognised by trade professionals and their client base as amongst the most innovative and reliable and wide ranging LED products on the market.

    We are an independent UK company with sales, marketing, product design, warehousing and distribution facilities located at our headquarters based in Newbury, Berkshire.  The Kosnic Technology Centre (KTC) for Research and Development is based in Shanghai, with factory operations located across the UK and China.

    Our success is based on the creation of innovative, robust lamps and luminaires that deliver quality, cost-effective and environmentally responsible lighting solutions for residential, commercial and the public sector alike.

  • MegamanMegaman
  • Narva Lamps & TubesNarva Lamps & Tubes
  • Osram Light BulbsOsram Light Bulbs
  • Philips LampsPhilips Lamps