Ultra Violet

Our Ultra Violet lamps UV Light Bulbs are probably the biggest available stock in the UK as we keep all styles and types of UV lamps. Ultra Violet lamps are used for various industries such as tanning studios through to medical research facilities. They are commonly used in areas such as retail where the ultra violet lamps scan back notes to check for the water marks and also in insect killers in kitchen and restaurants to repel flying insects. Very Importantly reptile lighting also uses ultra violet UV lamps as reptile s require UK light on their skin and for good animal health. UV Lighting can give off UVA, UVB and UVC lighting which is used for various health and skin conditions in hospitals. Some of these UV lamps cant be sold without a pharmacy prescription. Most commonly people see these Ultra Violet lamps in sunbeds and tanning studios where they now also use fast tanning lamps that look like a double ended halogen, but do a completely different job.