T2 Fluorescent Tubes

These are small miniature Fluorescent Tubes used a lot in cabinet lighting and shelf lighting. T2 Fluorescent Tubes can also be found in kitchen under cabinet lights and bathroom cabinets as well. mainly made by Sylvania and OSRAM we stock as vast range and they are available in many different fluorescent colours.

T2 Fluorescent Tubes & Light Fixtures

If you are looking for lighting that offers value-for-money but a long-life and reliability then T2 Fluorescent tubes or T2 fluorescent lights provide a simple solution. These tubes and fluorescent light fittings are suitable for use in both domestic and commercial settings, providing a simple solution to all of your lighting needs.

Compact and sleek, they seamlessly fit into any space, providing quality light that can easily illuminate any space. While they are highly versatile, the T2 light bulb is ideal for use in display areas such as highlighting presentations in shops or trade fairs and even exhibitions. Due to their powerful lighting, these fluorescent light fittings can create the ideal look and appearance regardless of what you are attempting to illuminate.

These fluorescent lights are neat and have a small diameter but they do not compromise on the amount of light they emit. Therefore, they are the ideal solution for those who are seeking efficient lighting that offers long life and superb luminous flux.

Light fixtures are an important part of any property which is why finding the right fluorescent lights is crucial. With a T2 lamp, you can expect quality light, a high level of reliability and save money.


T2 Light Bulbs

T2 fluorescent light bulbs are designed to help deliver longer-lasting light while they also deliver a lower mercury content making them better for the environment. They also provide enhanced colour rendering and higher lumen maintenance when compared to other options on the market. The tubes can be purchased in a variety of colour temperatures which includes the 3000k warm white or 6000k daylight, providing users with the ability to find lighting that is right for them.

Replacing light bulbs and tubes regularly can cost businesses and households vast amounts of money but T2 light bulbs have an excellent life expectancy. Therefore, you can expect them to last for up to 20,000 hours providing years of usage in most cases. What’s more, they are also safer because they also come with shatter resistant glass, helping to reduce the amount of glass particles should a breakage occur as all fragments are effectively retained.

These energy saving bulbs also have internal reflectors and this helps to reduce the amount of light that is wasted while also delivering a higher level of light output by as much as 75%.

These bulbs deliver an exceptional level of performance and reliability that many other bulbs cannot match. Offering exceptional efficiency, they are suitable for those who are looking to reduce their energy usage while ensuring they still have access to the right level of light.

Suitable for a range of settings, they are ideal for those seeking a simple yet effective solution. Lighting is evolving and users require much more from the light bulbs and T2 light bulbs aim to offer a highly effective solution like no other bulb on the market. Highly reliable and safer, they are certain to offer users everything that they need from a lightbulb.