Looking for reflector lamps? Well look no further as we have the entire range of older style incandescent reflector light bulbs in all the normal sizes that you would know such as R14, R50, R64, R80 and R95 reflector lamps as well as the spot lamps such as the Par38 lamps. We keep all the standard colours of red, green, blue, yellow and many more reflector and Par lamps.

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Reflector lamps are constructed from blown glass bulbs with an interior mirror finish which directs light more efficiently to the required area or item to be illuminated. • Reflector R39-R95 • PAR Reflector lamps • Enrich lamps • Long life Reflector lamps • Infralamps • Coloured Reflector lamps (e.g. disco) Infrared Reflector lamps These Infrared Reflector lamps convert power into clean, simple and convenient sources of radiant heat. Typical applications range from livestock raising, to industrial drying processes where the control and uniformity of heat distribution is advantageous. Spot Reflector • Available in White Satin or in different colors (Disco) • Sizes are: R39, R50, R63, R80, R95 • E14/E27/B22 caps available • In 25W-30W-40W-60W-75W-100W type