Knightsbridge 13A 2G DP Switched Socket with Dual USB Charger (Type-C FASTCHARGE port) - Brushed Chrome/Black Part Number - CS9907BC (Pack Size) = 5

Perfect for Homes, Cafés, Bars, Restaurants and Hospitality Suites. Like no other wall socket on the market, these switch voltage to achieve FASTCHARGE. The FASTCHARGE port negotiates with compatible devices the optimum charge rate to deliver. This can facilitate a 0-50% charge in just 30 mins (with compatible device i.e. QC3.0, PD FASTCHARGE) CHARGING Type-C FASTCHARGE - 5V DC 3A - up to 15W (FASTCHARGE mode) - 9V DC 2A - up to 18W (FASTCHARGE mode) - 12V DC 1.5A - up to 18W (FASTCHARGE mode) - The alternative port offers up to 5V DC 2A when FASTCHARGE is not activated. When FASTCHARGE is activated this port will only output at 5V DC 1A FEATURES - Double Pole Switches - Over Voltage Category III - suitable for use in commercial installations - Certified to the very latest socket standard BS 1363-2:2016 - Certified to the very latest EMC requirements EN 62368-1, EN62680-1-1 - ErP Ready to ensure power saving when not in use - For safety and to get the best out off this or ANY USB charger always use USB certified cables - 5V DC 4.0A (output: Max. 3A from FASTCHARGE port, Max. 2A from standard port (1A when FASTCHARGE is in operation) NB: Please note Apple products do not support FASTCHARGE they have their own proprietary methods, but by using certified cables you will achieve an optimum charge rate of up to 3A (it is the phone or device that decides what to draw from the charger) Please also note that it is the phone that decides how much power it is going to draw from the socket and once a phone gets over around 80% charge it reduces its charging sequence. FASTCHARGE mode will not kick in if your phone is at more than 80% charge WE RECOMMEND YOU ONLY USE CERTIFIED USB CABLES FOR SAFETY, OPTIMUM PERFORMANCE AND TO ENSURE COMPATIBILITY13A 2G DP Switched Socket with Dual USB Charger (Type-C FASTCHARGE port) - Brushed Chrome/Black
Length =
Height = 89
Width = 149.3
Depth =
Projection = 10.5
Recessed Depth =
Recessed Depth with IC Cage =
Minimum Void =
Cut-out Diameter =
Cut-out with Sleeve =
Cut-out Box W/H/D =
Min. Mounting Box Depth = 25-35mm (dependent on wiring conditions)
Tilt =
Rotation =
Construction = Premium grade steel
Construction 2 =
Finish = Brushed Chrome
Class =
IP Rating = IP20
Primary Voltage = 230V 50Hz
Cable Length =
Diffuser =
Lamp Included =
Dimmable =
Max. Wattage =
L70B50 =
Energy Rating (Class) post 2021 SLR =
Beam Angle =
Light Colour =
Lumens =
Lumens (Light Source only) =
Lumens (Em. mode) =
Wattage =
Emergency =
Maximum Weight Loading =
Lamp Technology =
Lamp Base =
Efficacy =
Photometric IES URL =
Photometric LDT URL =
Photometric PDF URL =
Driver Type =
Earth Terminal = Yes
Neon Indicator =
TV Connection Type =
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