Philips manufacture great lighting and lamps to the highest standards. All Philips lamps and fluorescent tubes are available from us from stock at great prices and can be delivered direct to your door.

BEST product Our LED lamps provide you with:

• Unbeatable quality Industry-leading quality and reliability ensure our lights keep their output and light quality over the full warranted lifetime. • Easy installation Compatible with most dimmers and transformers for easy installation, retaining their full specifications and lifetimes for lowest Total Cost of Ownership. • Best in class dimming Wherever you want people to relax and feel comfortable, we have lamps that give a warmer, more welcoming light. The innovative driver design ensures compatibility with a broad range of dimmer types. BEST partner Close cooperation with Philips before, during, and after projects: “ They really managed to satisfy our needs well. They really have cared a lot and showed a lot of commitment ...” Technical consulting and intense customer support: “ Quick and competent responses to questions” Close cooperation with local wholesalers to ensure on-time product availability: “ Philips is flexible to offer different delivery options” BEST portfolio Philips offers the right lamp for every application. Our LED tubes offer best in class lighting and ultimate compatibility. SceneSwitch allows you to switch light settings without switching bulbs. And LEDs with a DimTone dimming effect offer the warm tones of traditional lamps. 

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