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LED Light Fittings & Wiring Accessories

Knightsbridge ML Accessories


Knightsbridge have been making light switches and sockets for many years now and have experience of ensuring the switches and sockets are of high quality but at excellent prices. The range contains the standard white switches and sockets through to the flat metal plate switches and sockets that Knightsbridge have become well known for. We have a massive range of Industrial plugs and sockets for 110 volts and 240 volts and from 2 pin and earth through to 3 pin and earth as well.  These Sockets are used on construction site in 110volt versions which are yellow and also 220v - 240v non site domestic voltage. Even caravans used these industrial 240volt plugs and sockets to hook up to mains electricity on camping site electrical. We also keep a range of weatherproof garden and external light switches and sockets are available that are tough hard wearing products.

JCC Lighting

Based on the south coast of England, JCC designs, sources and manufactures light fittings suitable for a wide variety of applications. Their extensive product range covers domestic lighting, office lighting, industrial and retail lighting. They have a major warehouse facility that supports deliveries across the UK. Increasingly the JCC lighting range focuses on energy efficient LED lighting and includes LED flat panels for offices and schools, fire-rated downlights for homes and hotels and LED spotlights for retail and display.

JCC believes in creating innovative, energy saving, easy to install products focussing on bringing high quality LED lighting solutions to our many customers. JCC's in-house design team are constantly originating new ideas, which are refined until they become market leading products. JCC Lighting operate extensive internal and external product testing programmes for both lighting performance and fire safety, leading to some of the most reliable and safe products on the market.

We are also pleased to sell great light fittings and the Knightsbridge range of light fittings are a well designed and well built range of everything that is required in a lighting design in commercial lighting, retail lighting and domestic light fittings. This is a great light fitting value range of quality light fitting and downlights including all of the led light fittings within this range. A full range of bulkhead light fittings is available from the traditional style bulkheads through to more rounded range of modern bulk heads. Knightsbridge lighting has the complete range of industrial light fittings and led replacements for fluorescent fittings and battens including IP64 and corrosion proof light fittings.

LED Light Fittings & Wiring Accessories