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Fluorescent Tubes

All of our Fluorescent Tubes are from branded suppliers such as Philips, GE, Narva, Osram or Sylvania Lighting. The quality of our Fluorescent Tubes is important to us to ensure that you receive the best Fluorescent Tubes that will last the longest time possible. We even keep a full range of coloured Fluorescent Tubes which are with coloured triphospor powder once lite. We don't use coloured sleeves on white tubes.

Narva Fluorescent Tubes

We supply the entire range of Narva fluorescent tubes including the aquarium lighting range for both salt water aquariums and fresh water aquariums. We even keep the full range of Narva reptile fluorescent tubes and all the Narva and Sylvania Growlux plant growth fluorescent range.

Cabinet Fluorescent Lamps

We have also engaged with manufactures to make the Smilite range of kitchen under cabinet fluorescent lamps that used to be supplied by many kitchen manufacturers. You can also see a full range of under cabinet light fittings in our JCC Lighting and Knightbridge Ranges.

Circular and U-Shaped Fluorescent Lamps

Our entire range of round circular fluorescent lamps and U shaped lamps are also manufactured by all the major production houses such as GE, Narva, Osram etc. First Light Direct will not compromise on quality.

Candle Lamps