Mains Voltage Halogen

Halogen Light Bulbs where first invented by GE Lighting in 1958. A halogen light bulb simply uses halogen gas to allow the halogen light bulbs to burn more brightly and also ensure that the life cycle of the lamp is not shortened. Halogen Light Bulbs produce a very clear and crisp light out put, unlike the incandescent light bulbs they replace that can give out a yellowish glow.

Most commonly known for the GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs and the MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs are also available in many different shapes and wattages. A complete a full range of spot light bulbs are available as well as larges GU10 Light Bulbs known as the AR111 Halogen Lamps. The traditional MR16 Light Bulbs that are 50mm in Diameter are now available in 35mm Diameter known as an MR11 and also 25mm Diameter known as an MR8. These lamps can sometimes also be called GU4 Light Bulbs.

A full range of coloured GU10 Halogen Light Bulbs are available as well as a complete range of MR16 Halogen Light Bulbs, such as Amber, Blue, Green, Lilac, Magenta, Purple, Pink, Red and Yellow. The most recent change to halogen light bulbs is the introduction of the Energy Saving Xenon Halogen Light Bulb range. These ranges of light bulbs are direct replacements for standard shaped light bulbs as well as spot lamps and Candle Light Bulbs.

With standard shaped light output light bulbs becoming a thing of the past, more decorative lighting designs are using Halogen products to give a clear and clean lighting display. Halogen is designed to burn clear and crisp. Halogens are used in all situations, commercial lighting for giving that extra touch and domestic lighting to even completely light a room. However the most popular use is as explained above in retail lighting and restaurant lighting. The most used lamps are MR16, GU10, or AR111, and all are available in coloured ranges. Many display cabinets use small G4, G6.35 or G9 capsules for a clear light to display artwork, ring, watches etc. It is essential that anyone that uses bulbs use a branded lamp. This means that the lamp is manufactured by one of the large organised light bulb manufacturers such as OSRAM, GE, PHILIPS, BELL, SYLVANIA, PROlite ect, and that every lamp is CE kite marked. Products can be made in far away countries that may not manufacture to industry standards and it has been known for unbranded products to explode and cause harm or fire. First Light Direct will only supply branded CE marked lamps, from quality assured manufacturers. Now that high output incandescent’s are to be phased out, there are now a full range of halogen light bulbs shapes available. OSRAMS range is called Energy Saving XENON, and first light direct keeps these in all available shapes such as candle, R50 and R63 and traditional Classic shape. The photographic and studio industry uses halogen for many applications such as stage, studio and film lighting. If you are requiring microfilm lamps, projection lamps, slide projection lamps or disco lamps we hold vast quantities of these halogen light bulbs in stock. Stage lighting is very important to ensure that lamps don’t blow in the middle of a set, or show. Again we only keep branded stage and studio lamps as other manufacturers are not reliable and only costs more money in the long term.