LED Strip

Introducing our new LED Strip range, including 5 metre and 50 metre reels and our custom service. This versatile range includes low, standard and high output LED Strip; 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, 6500K & RGBW colour temperature options, IP20 & IP65 protection and profiles to suit all applications. In addition, our quick and easy online configurator tool has been created to simplify building your strip light project. Our LED Strip product range offers a wide variety of light output options, in standard white we have 4.8W, 9.6W and 14.4W. Our RGBW Strip is available in 7.2W and 14.4W. Each variant can be paired with a 1-10V or Triac dimmable driver providing extra versatility across all applications. Our white LED strip is available in 4.8W, 9.6W and 14.4W output options. All outputs are available in 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 6500K colour temperatures. All of our strip offers either IP20 or IP65 protection, which can be combined with a selection of profiles to suit all applications. Our RGBW strip comes with 16 different colour options to choose from. Seamlessly switch between the colour options, using our dimmable and colour changing remote control. RGBW provides a flexible colour solution without having to replace your LED strip.

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With our new RF RGBW Controllers you can control up to 1000m of LED Strip for endless possibilities. RGBW colour changing, dimming & dynamic mode selection all from the same hand held or wall mounted remote. Most LED Strip cut points are spaced 100mm apart whilst JCC white LED Strip is 50mm. Smaller spacing between cut points ensures a more precise installation and minimises shadowing. The more LED chips per metre, the smoother the light uniformity. Our LED Strip has 120 LED’s per metre, specifically placed to ensure a high quality appearance.