LED Long Neck GU10

GU10 Long Neck LED Bulbs:

The GU10 long neck LED light bulb is designed as expected. It has a long neck and so, it is perfect for low energy fittings that are specifically designed for GU10 long neck bulbs. This could include the likes of recessed downlights where standard GU10LED Light Bulbs could not be used. So, these bulbs provide an effective solution that promises to save more energy than Fluorescent Lamps.

What are GU10 Bulbs

GU10 light bulbs now come in LED form and they are designed to save money on energy bills while providing sufficient light for a range of settings. They are also available in a variety of shades of white or colour temperature as it is known. Commonly, this form of bulb is found in spotlights and downlights but more importantly, they are used where directional light is required.

They have a different kind of fitting when compared to your bayonet or Edison style bulbs but they will help to enhance energy efficiency.

Sylvania Long Neck GU10

The Sylvannia long neck GU10 bulb is designed to offer efficiency because they come with low-power LEDs while the low wattage still produces a large amount of light. This means that it is possible to light up large areas with ease, making them suitable for a variety of areas such as bathrooms, kitchens and downlights.

They are designed for recessed fittings and are unlike other forms of GU10 lights. However, the GU10 fitting does mean that they will only fit certain light fittings that have been specifically designed for these kinds of light bulbs. While they might look like halogen bulbs they are actually different yet produce exceptional results.