LED Pygmy

Along with our standard range of pygmy lamps we carry a vast array of led pygmy light bulbs for all occasions. wee have categories of oven pygmy lamps and standard clear pygmy lamps as well as the coloured light bulbs in pink, green, blue, yellow and red. We also keep a great range of led night lights to replace ones that have failed. These are a great selection of led pygmy light bulbs and are in stock in the uk.

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What are Pygmy Light Bulbs?

Pygmy light bulbs are found in a range of appliances throughout the home and as the name suggests, they are small and compact. Therefore, you can expect to find them in appliances such as cookers and fridges. Whether it is commercial or domestic settings, these LED Light Bulbs are an ideal solution for providing the right level of lighting where required. Whether you are looking for sign bulbs or low voltage bulbs as an alternative to costly bulbs, we are confident that we have the solution you are looking for.

LED Pygmy

LED pygmy bulbs provide an effective solution if you are searching for small bulbs that are suitable for particular purposes. They come in a smaller size which means that they come with a range of cap types such as the E14 small Edison screw and B15d small bayonet cap. As they are small in size, LED pygmy bulbs are hugely popular and they come in a range of colours too. So, you can find clear, frosted white and coloured versions while the colour styles on offer include warm white and cool white. They are

Incandescent Pygmy Bulbs

We also supply a variety of incandescent pygmy bulbs that are suitable for a range of uses such as in ovens or in smaller lamps or light fittings. They provide an impressive amount of light given their size. They are also energy efficient and designed to help you avoid the cost that comes with using expensive, older bulbs. If you are looking for a specialist bulb that is small and compact yet doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the light that emits, then pygmy bulbs offer it all.


We provide a range of pygmy bulbs in a range of colours and styles, ensuring you can find everything you need.