Brands Available: Calex, Philips, Crompton, British Electric Lamps, Kosnic, Osram, Prolite

Long lifetime | UV- and IR-free light for less heat and protection | For heat-sensitive objects | Unique sparkling effect

Many types of light fittings purchased use these G9 low voltage LED capsule lamps and they continue to be very popular. We have a comprehensive range of G9 LED Light Bulbs that can be directly installed in to a standard light fitting that would normally use a halogen G9 light bulb. These are in stock in warm white and cool white G9 light bulbs. Our LED capsule provides crisp, sparkling halogen like light. It is especially suitable for task lighting and decorative applications.

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G9 LED Lamps & Bulbs

G9 LED Bulbs are designed to enhance the quality of lighting around the home and any other space where they are installed. They not only offer an extensive amount of lighting when compared to other bulbs but they are also perfect for cutting costs

Household bills consist of 15% worth of electricity that comes from lighting proving just how costly it can be. However, when you opt for G9 lamps LED bulbs you are going to see a significant difference when it comes to your bills. Of course, they also come in a range of colours such as Warm, cool or  Daylight, providing you with LED lights that are perfect for any environment.

If you are looking for new G9 LED Lamps and the best LED bulbs then you have plenty to choose from because the options available to you are growing all of the time.


Philips G9 LED bulbs

Philips is known throughout the industry as being one of the leaders when it comes to efficient lighting that can help you to save money and benefit from better lighting. They are known for their quality and excellence.


Calex G9 LED Lights

Calex is another well-known manufacturer of LED lighting and again, they also provide high-quality lighting and energy-efficient solutions. They are also cost-effective which means that you can also make savings when it comes to choosing Calex G9 LED lights.


Crompton LED G9

Opting for Crompton LED G9 lighting is also another step in the right direction as they also provide excellent lighting solutions that provide savings and high-quality lighting that is suitable for all settings. Energy-efficient and effective, they are guaranteed to provide an affordable solution that you can rely on around the home.