LED E14 Tubular Bulbs & Lamps

E14 LED Bulbs

This is an amazing range of E14 Tubular LED Light Bulbs that will look great in many light fittings and are a great lamp for that old fashioned antiquated look. These LEd E14 LED Light Bulbs are available in a large selection of sizes upto a maximum of 120mm long and they give a great bright light.

What is a Tubular Light Bulb?

A tubular light bulb is a light bulb that takes the shape of a tube and that means that they might look slightly different from your standard lightbulb shape. These bulbs are designed to provide an excellent level of lighting regardless of where they are installed while they do come in a variety of tubular shapes. This type of e14 light bulb is perfect for home or the workplace as they provide adequate light and they are energy efficient too, which means that they will help you to save money.


LED E14 Bulbs

LED Light Bulbs are changing the way in which we consider our lighting and because they provide a simple way to save money and energy, they are proving highly popular. They come in a variety of shapes such as candle, golf ball, globe and tube to name but a few. Furthermore, they all provide an array of light colours such as warm, cool and daylight although some are available in an array of colours. Whether you are looking for an e14 led candle -  bulb or a bulb of a more unusual shape, you can be sure that there is a variety of e14 LED bulbs for you to choose from.


E14 Tubular Bulbs

If you are looking for a distinct light bulb that provides an excellent level of lighting in a range of colours then you will find that e14 tubular bulbs will provide it all. They are durable, long-lasting and they are highly efficient which means that you will save money on your bills too. LED bulbs have evolved to the point where they are now suitable for an array of settings, so it’s definitely worth making the switch.