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First light direct has been operating for over 35 years and we are proud of our history in LED technology especially or LED Globes. We have been supplying LED Light Bulbs to the marketplace since their inception over 15 years ago and LED Globes were one of the first products that we made available. Our range of LED globe light bulbs now consists of traditional looking frosted fronted 95MM, 100MM, 125MM and 200MM Globes in both a standard bayonet cap and Edison screwed cap.

We now also have an entire range of clear LED globe light bulbs with clear glass so that the filaments within the LED bulb can be seen unused as a decorative effect to your lighting display. These LED Bulbs are known commonly as squirrel cage LED Bulbs and are very popular in shop displays restaurants and also within the home.

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LED Globes from Top Manufactueres in UK

We have possibly one of the biggest ranges of Led globe light bulbs available from stock in the UK and also available in so many different styles. These are great decorative filament lamps that are available in many different led wattage's and light bulb base caps such as SES, SBC, ES and BC. All are quality led light bulb manufacturers and quality is therefore assured.

All about LED globe light bulbs are now available in a standard clear glass or for a better decorative effect we can now offer I bronze glass giving a great bronzed tint to the lamp.

So if you were looking to design an antique looking lighting display which will customers will find pleasing and soothing whilst they browse your shop eat within you restaurant then first light direct have in stock the led bulbs you require a great value and in stock within the United Kingdom. To complement our range of Ellie D globe light bulbs we also have a full range of mirrored effect globe lamps these mirrored effect LED Light Bulbs are designed to reflect the light in various directions upwards, downwards, to the left all to the right so that you can light whichever area you desire specifically and draw the attention of your customer to the object you desire.