Halogen Lamps

Our range of low voltage Halogen reflector lamps provides an attractive choice of compact, high output light sources with a wide scope for creative lighting. Combining very high light quality, intensity and control with efficient use of energy, these lamps are ideal for applications where space is at premium. 

GE Lighting low voltage Halogen reflector lamps feature an advanced, computer designed reflector gives a smooth beam and outstanding light output compared to similar lamps. Ideal for downlighting and accent lighting applications, the offer precise beam control, high efficacy, excellent white light and cool beam characteristics.

• Up to 43% energy savings vs. conventional MR16 lamps • Instant on, full light output at start-up • Crisp white light, CCT up to 3000K • 100% dimmable for additional cost savings • Outstanding colour rendering, close to natural light 100%CRI) • Environmentally friendly with no mercury or lead