Halogen Energy Saving Light Bulbs

We have a comprehensive range of halogen energy saving light bulbs that can fit in to most of the normal light fittings. These halogen light bulbs give a clear and crisp light immediately when the lamps are switched on. These lamps can be dimmed using standard dimmers and therefore can be reduced in wattage very easily. There are a range of different shapes available such as normal light bulbs GLS shape as well as round golf ball lamps and candle light bulb shapes.

Eco Light Bulbs

If you are looking to save money on your energy bills but also ensure that you are doing your bit for the environment then energy saving halogen bulbs provide the perfect solution. Unlike old-fashioned bulbs, these eco light bulbs are perfect for saving money but also creating the right ambience when it comes to lighting.

While there are plenty to choose from including LED Light Bulbs, Halogen Lamps are designed to provide you with an alternative that achieves the same results.


Eco Halogen Max Light Bulbs

If you are looking to replace the bulbs in your home and benefit from the right amount of light then you can benefit from Halogen Lamps. With eco halogen max light bulbs, you will be able to install light bulbs that can really change the feel of any space in an instant. Furthermore, they are extremely energy efficient while offering exceptional performance and that’s crucial when selecting a light bulb.

They offer durability as well as longevity which means you won’t need to replace your bulbs for long periods of time which again, can help you to save money.


Edison Eco Halogen Lamps

Edison eco Halogen Lamps are perfect for ensuring you can find the right level of lighting for your home or office. What’s more, the products available will ensure you can maximise the offering of your fluorescent tubes.

It’s really important when choosing new light bulbs that you consider their energy efficiency and quality because this will ensure that you are not always replacing them. Furthermore, you will also benefit from great savings that mean that the bulbs will pay for themselves in time.