Halogen Energy Saving Bent Tipped Candles

Since a European bar on high discharge incandescent light bulbs started to come into effect in 2009 most manufacturers have been busily designing a range of halogen energy saving Candle Light Bulbs to replace the previous high intensity halogen light bulbs which they are designed to replace. Our range of energy saving bent tip candles have been designed to the highest standards to ensure that's our bent tip candles can still give the user and the consumer an excellent lighting effect in chandeliers pendant lights or any other application which the bent tip candles may be used.

We carry in stock within the UK a huge range of halogen Candle Light Bulbs including standard 35 millimetre jacketed candle lamps as well as a full range of larger halogen Candle Light Bulbs for the use in external lanterns another decorative lighting. Our entire range of halogen Candle Light Bulbs are available in small bayonet cap, standard bayonet cap, small edison screwed cap and standard edison screwed cap in a full range of wattages to suit the light fitting in which the halogen lamp is to be placed.