GE Lighting

GE Lighting other than Philips lighting or OSRAM lighting are perhaps one of the biggest lighting manufacturers in the world. GE lighting were established in 1879 when Edison invented the first commercial incandescent light bulb with a carbon filament.

It goes without saying but there isn't any industry in which GE Lighting does not have a product offering for GE lighting have been at the forefront of innovation and continuous improvement in the lighting industry for many years. Gee lighting or one of the real pioneers of the LED lighting industry and have many types of LED light bulbs available for all industries today. This includes traditional LED light bulbs such as the GU10 lamp in the GE Lighting glow range which also includes many other spot lamps including hey AR111 and many more lamps in this range. GE lighting now offer a tremendous range of grow lamps specifically designed for herbologists and the horticultural market so that growers of plant life both domestically or industrially can continue to grow crops all year round in polytunnels or green houses. This range includes a full range of fluorescent LED tubes, spotlights to ensure direct light source can hit the plants required and larger lamps such as LED Par 38 lamps.

GE lighting have also branched out into the smart home technology and this includes not just lighting products but also power products such a smart power sockets so that various appliances can be turned on remotely from a smartphone anywhere in the world. This clearly therefore means the all of the GE smart home lighting products can also be turned on remotely and also the user can control the colour rendering of each of the light bulbs buy a simple touch of the button. Security products are also an important factor in the GE smart home product portfolio including IP cameras and sensors.

GE lighting continue tip reduce and manufacture to the high quality a full range of more traditional light bulbs and lamps such as the filament lamps and vintage lamps which GE lighting have manufactured for many years. Gee lighting also have a full range of sudden lamps which can bring the outdoors indoors, these lamps are particularly useful for those that suffer from seasonal affective disorder commonly known as SAD’s.

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