Flicker Candle Light Bulbs

Flicker Candle Light Bulbs & Flickering Candle

If you are looking to create a relaxing ambience and environment then a flicker candle light provides the perfect solution. Whether it’s setting the tone around the home or providing light for the garden, you can use these simple, yet effective candle light bulbs to achieve the desired look.

Sometimes, candles are not a practical or safe solution but candle lights deliver the same effect as candles but without a real flame. There is nothing technical about flickering lights because they are simply LEDs that mimic the movement and light of a flame.

We keep a full range of flicker flame candle light bulbs that are great looking lamps that are amazing in the multi arm light fittings or table lamps. We hold a massive range of flicker flame lamp stock and they are available at great prices and delivered direct to site, store, resturant or pub next day if needed.