Fireglow Candles

Many of us we will remember sitting in front of a electric fire in the front room that gave out a lovely rate glow as well as heat. That red glow comes from a fireglow candle lamp that's it's within the electric fire to give the feeling of warmth to the whole room. These fireglow candle lamps are still available as many homes still have these traditional electric fires in place but now these lamps are available in an LED candle lamp shape and style rather than the traditional incandescent styles that are no longer manufactured.

Fireglow bulbs can therefore still be purchased from first light direct to ensure that those but still have and use electric bar fires can continue to use them into the future. By using the LED Candle Light Bulbs you can be assured that the lamp will last for some significant time saving on replacements in the future.

If you are unsure which fireglow light bulb to use, simply contact us and we should be able to advise you on the most suitable fireglow candle lamp for your application.

It is most important the correct lamp is used in all electric applications particularly an electric fire where the LED candle lights may well overheat and cause a fire if the incorrect lamp is used.