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ANSI CODES are 3-letter codes assigned by the American National Standards Institute. They provide a system for assuring mechanical and electrical interchangeability among similarly coded lamps of various manufacturers. The letters have no rational meaning other than to identify the lamp’s dimensional, electrical and photometric characteristics that are on file with ANSI. Some GE lamps have multiple codes (examples:

DYS/DYV/BHC). The first code is the official ANSI code, but the lamp also meets or exceeds the described characteristics for the other code(s), and may be used to replace lamps of either code.

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LIF CODES are assigned by the Lighting Federation of London, U.K. They ensure electrical and mechanical interchangeability of similarly coded lamps. LIF codes are divided into groups according to the primary application of the lamps. DISCHARGE AND FLUORESCENT LAMPS GE HIGH INTENSITY DISCHARGE lamps have brand name codes. The following describes the optimized characteristics: CSR METAL HALIDE are daylight (6000K) color often with CRI greater than 90. Many with hot restrike (HR) and dimmable with stable color temperature. Use with electronic or AC magnetic ballast/ignitor control gear. Some CSR hot restrike lamps use special quartz to control the amount of UV emitted (UVC). CONSTANTCOLOR® CMH® have CR greater than 80 with color uniformity between lamps and over lamp life. CSS compact source specials are for disco and fiber optic application. CSD are compact source lamps with very high color temperature and long life. CID compact iodide daylight have color temperatures of daylight (5500K) while CSI compact source iodide lamps have a warmer color (4000K) that can be blended with tungsten lamps. MVR is Multi-Vapor® Metal Halide and along with SPL lamps are suitable for sports lighting. Cinema Fluorescent lamps come in warm (3200K) and daylight (5500K) colors with and without covRguard® (CVG) shatter protection. There are compact Biax® (BX) lamps available. VOLTAGE Quartzline® halogen and Incandescent Lamps can be operated on AC or DC circuits. Fluorescent and metal halide lamps are for AC only, with suitable auxiliary ballasts. ORDERING LAMPS Order lamps using the codes in the GE Product Ordering Code column. Add the GE Description, plus lamp voltage (essential for lamps available in more than one voltage) to help assure getting the exact lamp required. This global catalogue shows where lamps are stocked (in North America, Europe, both North America and Europe). If a lamp in not stocked in your area, contact your sales representative. LAMP INDEXES Lamps are indexed by technology on page 9, along with Halogen Lamps by base. Lamps are indexed by 3-letter ANSI or LIF code where available on page 10. Lamps are indexed by wattage on pages 12-13. LAMP TABLES Each of the 39 lamp tables contains a “family” of lamps with similar configuration. Tables 1-25 each contain Quartzline® lamps having the same base and (in most cases) the same light source location. Therefore, all the lamps within each table are generally interchangeable. Tables 26-39 are various discharge lamp systems which require ballasts that may preclude interchange. When selecting an alternative lamp from within a particular table, note any limitations to be considered as stated in the table. Filament forms may vary among lamps in some tables. Use of a different filament form may effect the light output. Reflector lamps have differences in voltage and lamp bases as well as the usual concern for excess heat when a higher wattage lamp is substituted.