Energy Saving Candles

Low Energy/Energy Saving Candle Bulbs

Candle bulbs are the perfect solution for a range of uses and if you are looking for energy-saving candle bulbs then we have a wide range to choose from. You can find miniature candle bulbs that have a small bayonet or small Edison fitting and these are ideal for small lamps and small light fittings.

They are also available in larger bayonet or Edison fittings that make them ideal for larger light fittings too. However, these bulbs are designed to help you save energy while still benefiting from an excellent level of light.

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What is a Candle Light Bulb?

A candle light bulb is a bulb that has an elongated shape and is considered to take the shape of a light bulb. Their long shape makes them suitable for those light fittings whereby the bulb might be on show, as they do have a more decorative look and feel to them. Furthermore, these LED lights are also suitable for fittings that have a tighter or narrower fitting, making them a better option than other light bulbs that are currently available.

As they are LED, you can expect them to last for many years while low energy light bulbs are designed to use less energy when compared to standard bulbs.


Small Bayonet Candle Light Bulbs

The small bayonet energy-saving candles are designed for a range of uses. However, they might be small but they still emit a lot of light which makes them suitable for lighting up rooms that are small while they might be ideal for small table lamps. LED candles are designed to last and because they use less energy than Incandescent Lamps, you can expect them to light up instantly while reducing your energy bills.