Crompton Lamps

Crompton lighting as a British history going back to 1878 when Colonel Crompton who was an inventor with a mad passion for electricity designed some of the first lighting solutions available. Colonel Crompton in 1927 got together with frank Parkinson and formed the Crompton Parkinson lighting company a manufacturing business producing a colossal range of industrial electrical products. Many of these Crompton lighting products I still available today and can be seen in most domestic settings in your fuse cupboard well you will see a black or brown bakerlite cut out connexion box which was originally designed by the Crompton Parkinson company.

Today Crompton lighting and Crompton lamps our best known for their full range of light bulbs which are still manufactured to the highest quality and precision as has become accustomed with the Crompton lamps name. This range of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes consists of compact fluorescent lamps, halogen light bulbs, discharge lighting and of course LED light bulbs and LED fluorescent tubes.

He should not be forgotten however the Crompton lamps still manufacture an impressive range of standard fluorescent tubes including T5 and T8 fluorescent tubes that are both Halo phosphate and triphosphate. One range of fluorescent tubes which first light direct still stock in both depth and breadth is T9 circular fluorescent tube, these circular fluorescent tubes from Crompton lighting are particularly hard to find in other warehouses within the UK which is why first light direct continues to stock this range of Crompton lamps four our customers.

You will see from our product range of Crompton lamps that we stock vast quantities of the coloured light bulbs manufactured by Crompton. These include traditional decorative coloured light bulbs which Crompton lamps have been making since before firstlight direct was established and they include a full range of coloured traditional shaped light bulbs as well as golf ball size and pygmy coloured light bulbs. One lamp which is still available from Crompton lamps is the flicker flame light bulb this very low wattage candle shaped light bulb flickers to replicate the Wick of a candle. Another range of high-quality coloured lighting manufactured by Crompton lamps he's their traditional display spot lamps which again are available and all of the standard colours of coloured light bulbs such as red, green, amber, blue and many more. Here at first light direct we continue to stock the traditional ranges of Crompton craft lights such as their daylight incandescent light bulb which is used by many people in the needlework Crofts as well as knitting. You will also find a large range in our catalogue of fire glow lamps which many people remember in electric fires in the front rooms of many British homes. Another range of exceptional quality light bulbs is the range of infrared reflectors which are used for commercial catering, animal welfare and also medical purposes.

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