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LED Stick Light Bulbs

LED Stick Lights were always called Pygmy lamps until the invention of LED Light Bulbs where an alternative Led Stick bulb had to be manufactured, and that is why all the most popular manufacturers of lamps now make a comprehensive range of LED stick lights which can be used in any application whether that be commercial or domestic.

Light bulb sticks have been in the marketplace for many years but now are available as an LED light bulb stick replacing both the Compact Fluorescent versions as well as the traditional incandescent light bulbs which are now being phased out due to both European and British legislation.

LED Stick Light Manufacturers UK

All of our manufacturers LED stick lights are quality assured giving you Peace of Mind that all stick light bulbs are manufactured to the best possible standards.
Our range of stick light bulbs come in a variety of different colours which make them perfectly suitable for all ambient settings these colours include cool white, warm white and even daylight.

We would recommend using our range of LED stick bulbs in light fittings such as chandeliers, standard lamps, table lamps and industrial applications and commercial applications such as sign lighting and indicators.

How range of LED bulb sticks consist of various pricing ranges the most expensive of which is the Osram Parathon LED stick lights which are considered to be the highest quality in the marketplace. However, we do have many alternatives to Osram such as GE Lighting, Tungsram, Slyvania and many more manufacturers of LED Stick bulbs.

LED Stick Light Bulbs


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Philips TLD58W/835 5' 3500K

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