Dusk to Dawn Bulbs

Dusk to dawn LED Light Bulbs have been around for many years now and are perfect for those lanterns on your driveway where they can detect daylight or darkness and therefore turn on when needed. These dusk to dawn light bulbs are capable of switching themselves on and off due to having a passive infrared detector built within them which can sense daylight or darkness. Many dusk to dawn light bulbs can also detect movement and therefore will come on when a person or a vehicle or an animal pass in front of the infrared beam within the lamp.

There are various wattages available in this range of dusk to dawn LED Light Bulbs such as 11 Watt through to 20 Watt and these are also available in various colours such as warm white and cool white ensuring that whichever dusk to dawn light bulb you require, we will be capable of supplying it.


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Prolite Low Energy Dusk to Dawn Bulbs in sock in UK at great prices.
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