CALEX lighting have been supplying high quality decorative lighting to first light direct for over 20 years. Quality of these products out rivals many of the Calex lighting competitors and certainly Calex lighting and their products stand out in the crowd. Each decorative lamp from Calex is handmade which simply shows Quality that goes into the production of each, and every light bulb manufactured by Calex.

If you are designing a new lighting scheme for your restaurant or home and you want quality to be at the top of your thinking, then look no further than Calex lighting. Calex lighting have a full range of functional as well as special purpose solutions that will make any lighting design stand out from anything you have seen before quality and general applicability are two words which follow the Calex lighting name. Just like many other right ranges the Calex range of LED light bulbs are fully dimmable and use the latest LED technology to ensure the light output is maximised in all of their products.

Calex lighting also have a full range of smart home technology so that you can control your light sources from the touch of a button on your smartphone this also allows for you to change the colour of the lighting so that you can set the right ambience of the lighting to suit the occasion. This inspirational smart home lighting technology from Calex really does put the user in control of the style and mood off the lighting in your home or restaurant.