British Electric Lamps

British electric lamps are better known in the UK as bell lighting. British electric lamps or Bell Lighting have been established in the United Kingdom since the 1920s and it's still a very well run British family business. The bell group have become a leading manufacturer of not just light bulbs, fluorescent tubes but now also light fittings purposefully designed for commercial, retail and domestic installations.

British electric lamps and bell lighting was established back in the 1920s in the Wimbledon area in London, as first light direct or a Surrey based distribution business we have always had a close relationship with this iconic British brand of light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED lamps and now light fittings.

It is still possible to obtain some of the harder to come by light bulbs and fluorescent tubes from bell lighting. This includes a huge range of compact fluorescent lamps which bell lighting have continued to make and manufacture where others have now discontinued this range. But it is clear the British electric lamps he's a progressive an innovative lighting business as can be seen within their LED range of varying light bulbs such as their commercial LED range, decorative LED ranges, amenity lighting, fluorescent tubes and of course the impressive range of LED light fittings.

First line direct are proud to keep an extensive range of the decorative LED filament light bulbs manufactured by bell lighting. these include a standard filament style clear glass LED lamp as well as a vintage range which as can be seen from our product range have an antique bronze or Ruby glass to them to give a softer decorative tone to the lighting installation. One range which is always popular from the bell lighting ranges is there range of LED fairy lamps which come in a glass globe and are extremely decorative in all surroundings in particular restaurants and domestic settings. However, another range which has become more popular is the LED reflector spots which replace the traditional R64 and R80 spotlights which are no longer available due to a European wide ban. British electric lamps continue to be innovative and supply products to the demand of their customers and to ensure but their products including their light bulbs and light fittings are following the trend set by us all.