Airfield Runway Lamps

Essential lamps like AGL Lighting is the core of what we do. We have stocked airfield lamps for airfield ground lighting for many years and we continue to keep the best quality and level of stock probably available within the UK. Regardless of the fittings being Thorn or Siemens ADB we will have a replacement lamp to suit the fitting. Every lamp for blue edge lights through to touch down zone lamps as well as airfield edge lighting and centre line AGL's.

Airfield Lamp Products are a very important element of your total airfield lighting system. These high quality, high reliability lamps are designed to get the highest performance from your lighting equipment. In conjunction with FAA and ICAO approved fixtures and constant current power supply systems, GE Airfield lamps constitute your front line of defence against unnecessary outages and high maintenance costs. When re-lamping, keep in mind that the substitution of lamps other than those for which the fixture was designed can result in erratic and unsatisfactory performance of the equipment.

• Thresh-Hold

• Runway Center line

• Runway Edge

• Approach/End

• Taxiways – Center line & Edge

• PAPI – Precision Approach Path Indicator and more…

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The lamps in this site are grouped by power supply systems. These systems – constant current series, are designed to deliver a set current to all the lamps independent of position on the airfield. This enables each lamp to run at its designed light output and ensuring the proper illumination of each fixture. There are typically three systems – two constant current systems (20 amperes and 6.6 amperes) and constant voltage system, sometimes referred to as a multiple design systems. The constant voltage system can be 120v, 130v or 240v.