Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Tubes are available in a large variety of types and sizes and many colours. We have available from stock a huge range of all types of Fluorescent Tube such as standard T12 (38mm), T8 (25mm) and T5 (16mm) tubes in all the colours such as warm white through to daylight colours as well as a massive range of coloured fluorescent tubes in Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Green and Pink

Fluorescent Light Fittings & Night Lights

We also specialise in special fluorescent tubes such as a full range of aquatic lamps for the aquarium market place and sterilisation tubes for cleaning water in ponds and tanks. We also keep other specialist fluorescent tubes such as retail tubes for butchers and vegetable lamps that make the produce look extremely good and fresh. 

Fluorescent Starters

In our Lighting Components area you will also find a complete range of fluorescent starters and ballast units. All sizes of tube are kept from small 2ft through to 8ft tubes as well as single ended and american fluorescent tubes are available.