With our No Quibble Guarantee

we will ensure that should you make a mistake we will put it right force you, all you have to do is return the item to us and we can do the rest, and as long as the goods are in resalable condition we shall return the cost of the products to you, in accordance with the terms set out in the distance selling regulations. However, after the 14 day period of the distance selling regulations there may be a handling charge for returns.

The distance selling regulations only applies to Consumers which is defined as a non business user. If the order is placed by a business then the Distance Selling Regulations dont apply and therefore handling charges may apply.

Should you wish to return a product, please ensure you firstly contact us? This is to ensure that the product
is returned to the correct warehouse and that we can process your full or part credit as soon as possible.

Email - sales@firstlightdirect.com and one of the team will contact straight back with the
address to send the goods to.
Our Standard returns handling fee is 25%. This only applies after the 7days acceptance period as detailed in the Distance Selling Regulations.

Faulty Goods Claims

We wish to draw your attention to our company policy regarding the above.

If goods are deemed to be faulty for whatever reason, our liability is limited to replacing the goods free of charge.

We are not responsible for secondary costs.

However, in exceptional circumstances if first agreed in writing from the original equipment manufacture, when the following conditions are observed it may be possible with the manufactures agreement to assist in some manner:

  • We are informed of the problem before any remedial work takes place
  • We are permitted to visit and inspect the site
  • Copies of relevant inspection and test documentation as required by the regulations governing
    electrical installations should be made available if requested
  • We agree in advance any secondary costs
  • This amount is paid by the manufacture to us in the form of a credit note or replacement goods
  • The labour charge applicable is "basic labour cost without margin"
  • We will not be responsible for any additional charges such as overtime, specialist equipment  travel time etc.

Thank you in advance for observing these terms and should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.