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Medical and Surgical Lamps

We have a massive level of stock and great prices of Medical and Surgical Lamps that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Branded quality lamps and tubes only from the major manufacturers and quality service as well.
First Light Direct FL-CP-00841002 DRF
Part Number 301841002 DR FISCHER 6V 1.4A BA15s OurPart Number FL-CP-00841002 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253867279
First Light Direct FL-CP-00842008 DRF
Part Number 00842008 DRF DR FISCHER 12V 35W SBC OurPart Number FL-CP-00842008 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253867286
First Light Direct FL-CP-00843004 DRF
Part Number 00843004 DRF DR FISCHER 4V .75A Sx15s OurPart Number FL-CP-00843004 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253867293
First Light Direct FL-CP-00945105 DRF
Part Number 00945105 DRF DR FISCHER 25W 80V BA15s OurPart Number FL-CP-00945105 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253867316
First Light Direct FL-CP-0871/2 GUE
Part Number 0871/2 GUE 0871/2 24V 50W Ba20d CS OurPart Number FL-CP-0871/2 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253867347
First Light Direct FL-CP-0970/8 GUE
Part Number 0970/8 GUE 0970/8 24V 60W BA20d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-0970/8 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253867354
First Light Direct FL-CP-14623 PHI
Part Number 14623 PHI 17V 95W G6.35 14X50MM OurPart Number FL-CP-14623 PHI EAN/Bar Code 8711500426673
First Light Direct FL-CP-14623P PHI
Part Number 924053319103 14623P 17V 95W GZ9.5 13.5x60mm OurPart Number FL-CP-14623P PHI EAN/Bar Code 8711500426581
First Light Direct FL-CP-302914755 DRF
Part Number 302914755 12v 20w GY9.5 GILWAY L9404 OurPart Number FL-CP-302914755 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253871382
First Light Direct FL-CP-302936016 DRF
Part Number 302936016 DR FISCHER 24V 60W BA20d C/S 0970/8 OurPart Number FL-CP-302936016 DRF EAN/Bar Code
First Light Direct FL-CP-302936930 DRF
Part Number 302936930 24V 50W BLUE 30 SPECIAL BASE OurPart Number FL-CP-302936930 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253871399
First Light Direct FL-CP-302936990 DRF
Part Number 302936990 22.8V 90W Special 90 H053198 OurPart Number FL-CP-302936990 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253871405
First Light Direct FL-CP-306842454 DRF
Part Number 306842454 DR FISCHER 110V 25W Ba22d-3 SL33 OurPart Number FL-CP-306842454 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253871429
First Light Direct FL-CP-67100201 DRM
Part Number 302847045 Dr. Mach 22.8V 50W G6.35 - 67100201 OurPart Number FL-CP-67100201 DRM EAN/Bar Code 603253874369
First Light Direct FL-CP-945042
Part Number 945042 DR FISCHER 50W 24V BA15d OurPart Number FL-CP-945042 EAN/Bar Code 603253874925
First Light Direct FL-CP-Dimmbox 3X80/1
Part Number Dimmbox 3X80/1 Dimmbox fur Seriensteuerung 3X80/1 OurPart Number FL-CP-Dimmbox 3X80/1 EAN/Bar Code 603253885006
First Light Direct FL-CP-H015282 DRF
Part Number 302847003 22.8V 50W G6.35 AXL OurPart Number FL-CP-H015282 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895036
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016164 DRF
Part Number 302936012 24V 25W Ba15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016164 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895043
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016164 UNB
Part Number H016164 UNB 0376/1 24V 25W B15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016164 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895050
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016170 DRF
Part Number 302936030 110V 30W Ba15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016170 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895067
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016170 GUE
Part Number H016170 GUE 0376/11 110V 30W BA15d OurPart Number FL-CP-H016170 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253895074
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016191 DRF
Part Number 302936004 12V 25W Ba15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016191 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895081
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016372 DRF
Part Number 302936014 24V 40W BA15d C/SILVER OurPart Number FL-CP-H016372 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895098
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016372 GUE
Part Number H016372 GUE 0376/4 24V 40W BA15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016372 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253895104
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016544 GUE
Part Number H016544 GUE 0079/0 24V 40W BX22d OurPart Number FL-CP-H016544 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253895111
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016678 DRF
Part Number 302936009 24V 50W BX22d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016678 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895128
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016678 UNB
Part Number H016678 UNB 0079/1 24V 50W BX22d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016678 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895135
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016679 DRF
Part Number 302936034 110V 50W BX22d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H016679 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895142
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016679 UNB
Part Number H016679 UNB 0079/6 110V 50W BX22d OurPart Number FL-CP-H016679 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895159
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016685 DRF
Part Number 302936046 50V 50W BX22d OurPart Number FL-CP-H016685 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895166
First Light Direct FL-CP-H016685 UNB
Part Number H016685 UNB HO16685 50V 50W BX22d OurPart Number FL-CP-H016685 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895173
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018250 GUE
Part Number H018250 GUE 0079/3 220V 50W BX22d CS OurPart Number FL-CP-H018250 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253895180
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018252 GUE
Part Number H018252 GUE 0079/4 240V 50W BX22D CS OurPart Number FL-CP-H018252 GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253895197
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018253 DRF
Part Number 302936008 240V 50W BX22d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H018253 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895203
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018306 DRF
Part Number H018306 DRF 24V 40W BX22d OurPart Number FL-CP-H018306 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895210
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018366 BAI
Part Number H018366 BAI 22.8V 75W R7s OurPart Number FL-CP-H018366 BAI EAN/Bar Code 603253895227
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018366 HAN
Part Number H018366 22.8V 75W R7s - Hanaulux H018366 OurPart Number FL-CP-H018366 HAN EAN/Bar Code 603253895234
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018366 UNB
Part Number H018366 UNB 6709/1 22.8V 75W R7s OurPart Number FL-CP-H018366 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895241
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018505 DRF
Part Number 302936050 50V 30W Ba15d OurPart Number FL-CP-H018505 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895258
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018550 DRF
Part Number 302936015 24V 40W Ba15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H018550 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895265
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018550 UNB
Part Number H018550 UNB 0574/3 24V 40W BA15d C/S OurPart Number FL-CP-H018550 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895272
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018566 DRF
Part Number 302847011 22.8V 50W G6.35 Transverse OurPart Number FL-CP-H018566 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895289
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018566 HAN
Part Number H018566 HAN HANAULUX 22.8V 50W G6.35 OurPart Number FL-CP-H018566 HAN EAN/Bar Code 603253895296
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018566 UNB
Part Number H018566 UNB 6419/3A 22.8V 50W G6.35 OurPart Number FL-CP-H018566 UNB EAN/Bar Code 603253895302
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018769 AXL DRF
Part Number 302847004 22.8V 40W G6.35 AXL/FIL OurPart Number FL-CP-H018769 AXL DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895319
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018769 TRA DRF
Part Number 302847009 22.8V 40W G6.35 TRAN/FIL OurPart Number FL-CP-H018769 TRA DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895326
First Light Direct FL-CP-H018769 TRA GUE
Part Number H018769 TRA GUE 6419/3 22.8V 40W G6.35 OurPart Number FL-CP-H018769 TRA GUE EAN/Bar Code 603253895333
First Light Direct FL-CP-H053026 DRF
Part Number H053026 DRF 21.5V 130W BLUE 80 OurPart Number FL-CP-H053026 DRF EAN/Bar Code 603253895340
First Light Direct FL-CP-H2381
Part Number 302847011 22.7V 180W G6.35 Transverse OurPart Number FL-CP-H2381 EAN/Bar Code 603253895517
Osram FL-CP-64292XIR OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321330598 64292 XIR 150W 22.8V G6.35 FS1 Our Part Number FL-CP-64292XIR OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321330598
Osram FL-CP-64647 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321107114 64647 120W 24V G6.35 Our Part Number FL-CP-64647 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321107114
Osram FL-CP-H018566 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321107138 64650 22.8V 50W G6.35 Our Part Number FL-CP-H018566 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321107138
Philips FL-CP-13298 PHI
Philips Part Number 924008915804 13298 10V 52W GZ4 Our Part Number FL-CP-13298 PHI EAN/Bar Code 8711500410214
Unbranded or Uncoded FL-CP-00843021 DRF
DR FISCHER 6Volt 10Watt BA15s
Unbranded or Uncoded FL-CP-SH100
SH42 6701/2 24Volt 100Watt E10
Unbranded or Uncoded FL-CP-SH37 UNB
SH37 6701/1 24Volt 35Watt E11
Unbranded or Uncoded FL-CP-SH42 GUE
SH42 6701/2 24Volt 40Watt E11
Unbranded or Uncoded FL-CP-SH42 UNB
SH42 24Volt 40Watt E11
Unbranded or Uncoded FL-CP-SH52 UNB
SH52 6701/3 24Volt 50Watt E11