Low Energy Light Bulbs

Quality Energy Saving Light Bulbs from quality Manufacturers

We have a massive level of stock and great prices of Low Energy Light Bulbs that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Branded quality lamps and tubes only from the major manufacturers and quality service as well.

Energy saving lights are also well known as efficient compact fluorescent lamps or “CFL” for short. There are two groups of efficient energy bulbs. The first are those that you would normally associate with replacement for standard household, these have an electronic ballast unit and starter already built into the lamp base and this allows the lamps to create light.

The second are those that require to be plugged into an efficient light fitting that contains the ballast unit or starter as the lamp does not contain one on its own.

With utility costs rising and European legislation changing which will outlaw high wattage incandescent's which inefficient, low energy efficient lights are becoming more popular than ever.