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HBO Lamps

We have a massive level of stock and great prices of HBO Lamps that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Branded quality lamps and tubes only from the major manufacturers and quality service as well.
Osram FL-CP-HBO100/2 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300507095 HBO 100W/2 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO100/2 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300507095
Osram FL-CP-HBO103/45 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300405957 HBOR103W/45 REFLECTOR Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO103/45 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300405957
Osram FL-CP-HBO103/W2 OSR
HBO 103Watt/W2
Osram FL-CP-HBO200/2L1 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300508153 HBO 200W/2L1 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO200/2L1 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300508153
Osram FL-CP-HBO200/4L1 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300506715 HBO 200W/4L1 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO200/4L1 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300506715
Osram FL-CP-HBO202/W4 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300507156 HBO202/W4 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO202/W4 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300507156
Osram FL-CP-HBO350 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300351599 HBO 350W Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO350 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300351599
Osram Part Number 4050300258041 HBO 350W Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO350W/S OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300258041
Osram FL-CP-HBO50/3 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300506692 HBO 50W/3 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO50/3 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300506692
Osram FL-CP-HBO50/L1 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300507132 HBO 50W/ACL1 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO50/L1 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300507132
Osram FL-CP-HBO50/L2 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300507118 HBO 50W/ACL2 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO50/L2 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300507118
Ushio FL-CP-HBO50/L1 USH
Ushio Part Number HBO50/L1 USH USH 50AC1 3000455 Our Part Number FL-CP-HBO50/L1 USH EAN/Bar Code 603253896033