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Airfield Runway Lamps

We have a massive level of stock and great prices of Airfield Runway Lamps that can be ordered online and delivered to your door. Branded quality lamps and tubes only from the major manufacturers and quality service as well.
First Light Direct FL-CP-AF5/5 THO
Part Number AF5/5 THO AF5/5 6V 36W OurPart Number FL-CP-AF5/5 THO EAN/Bar Code
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/13 APN
Part Number J1/13 APN J1/13 6.6A 45W P28s OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/13 APN EAN/Bar Code
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/37 PHI
Part Number 6283 AF7/2 6.6A 200W PG22d 6283 OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/37 PHI EAN/Bar Code 603253902079
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/39 CAT
Part Number J1/39 CAT J1/39 6.6A 200W G6.35 OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/39 CAT EAN/Bar Code
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/50 APN
Part Number 95832510 J1/50 8.33A 200W P28s OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/50 APN EAN/Bar Code 603253902086
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/51 APN
Part Number J1/51 APN J1/51 8.33A 200W R7s OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/51 APN EAN/Bar Code 603253902093
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/58 APN
Part Number J1/58 APN J1/58 6.6A 100W G6.35 OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/58 APN EAN/Bar Code 603253902109
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/66 RON
Part Number J1/66 RON J1/66 8.33A 100W G6.35 OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/66 RON EAN/Bar Code
First Light Direct FL-CP-J1/70 UNB
Part Number J1/70 UNB J1/70 6.6A 100W PG22d OurPart Number FL-CP-J1/70 UNB EAN/Bar Code
GE Lighting FL-CP-AF6/2 GEL
GE Lighting Part Number 88420 AF6/2 6V 45W PG22-6.35 Our Part Number FL-CP-AF6/2 GEL EAN/Bar Code 43168884204
GE Lighting FL-CP-J1/37 GEL
GE Lighting Part Number 88413 AF7/2 6.6A 200W PG22d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/37 GEL EAN/Bar Code 43168884136
GE Lighting FL-CP-J1/80 GEL
GE Lighting Part Number 80584 J1/80 6.6A 100W PK20d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/80 GEL EAN/Bar Code 43168805841
GE Lighting FL-CP-J1/83 GEL
GE Lighting Part Number 80585 J1/84 6.6A 150W PK20d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/83 GEL EAN/Bar Code 43168805858
GE Lighting FL-CP-J1/84 GEL
GE Lighting Part Number 80586 J1/84 6.6A 200W PK20d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/84 GEL EAN/Bar Code 43168805865
Osram FL-CP-J1/40 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300209944 J1/40 JF6.6A 200W R7s Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/40 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300209944
Osram FL-CP-J1/57 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321106360 J1/57 6.6A 45W G6.35 64321 Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/57 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321106360
Osram FL-CP-J1/58 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321106384 J1/58 64346 6.6A 100W G6.35 Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/58 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321106384
Osram FL-CP-J1/59 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321106346 J1/59 64311 6.0A 36W G6.35 Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/59 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321106346
Osram FL-CP-J1/76 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321340139 J1/76 64317 6.6A 45W PK30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/76 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321340139
Osram FL-CP-J1/77 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321345516 J1/77 64318 6.6A 45W PKX30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/77 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321345516
Osram FL-CP-J1/80 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321345677 J1/80 64342 6.6A 100W PK30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/80 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321345677
Osram FL-CP-J1/82 OSR
Osram Part Number 4050300017266 J1/82 64340 6.6A 100W R7s Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/82 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4050300017266
Osram FL-CP-J1/83 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321345691 J1/83 64361 6.6A 150W PKX30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/83 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321345691
Osram FL-CP-J1/83F OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321345714 J1/83 64361 HLX-Z/C150-15 6.6A 150W PKX30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/83F OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321345714
Osram FL-CP-J1/84 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321345752 J1/84 64382 6.6A 200W PK30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/84 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321345752
Osram FL-CP-J1/85 A5 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321102515 J1/85 65337/45 6.6A 45W CABLE Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/85 A5 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321102515
Osram FL-CP-J1/85 A8 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321102737 J1/85 64337/48 6.6A 48W CABLE Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/85 A8 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321102737
Osram FL-CP-J1/87 OSR
Osram Part Number 4008321345592 J1/87 64328 6.6A 65W PKX30d Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/87 OSR EAN/Bar Code 4008321345592
Radium FL-CP-J1/40 RAD
Radium Part Number 244 01619 RHA200W/6.6A/R7S Our Part Number FL-CP-J1/40 RAD EAN/Bar Code