About Us

Retailers and wholesalers of branded light bulbs and fluorescent tubes from the UK.

We have been established now for over 30 years selling light bulbs and fluorescent tubes since before the internet began.

We have seen many changes over the last 30 years in the light world as much more energy efficient lamps have been designed from Low Energy Light bulbs through to the LED Light Bulbs everyone sees today.

One thing that has not changed in First Light Direct is our passion for great customer service and a team that spend many hours searching for the best branded lamps and fluorescent tubes for our customer to be assured that they are from quality sources.

From our light bulb and fluorescent tubes warehouses we can supply any lamp anywhere worldwide.

We have a range of delivery and courier options to ensure you let your goods delivered in excellent condition on time every time.

Our sales team have been trained in all the latest lamps and tubes and can advise on the different light bulbs and tubes that are available for the application you desire.

We have always specialised in the hard to come by lamps and tubes such as medical lamps and aquarium lighting. Specialising in these different applications you can be assured we will have the depth and breadth of stock you are looking for.

LED lamps are clearly very popular and our team are trained to advise what replacement lamps will suit your needs. Choosing the correct lamps and tubes are difficult as manufacturers do over complicate things by using watts in some cases and lumens in others.

One area we can help in is lighting components such as lamp holders, terry clips, and fluorescent ballast units through to LED drivers. We even have our own range of pre wired fluorescent end caps for all sorts of uses such as, aquarium lights with our IP64 and IP67 ranges in both T5 and T8 and also general replacements in shop signage with our standard ranges.

We like to give every customer the best service possible so why not try us and see the difference between us an internet only retailer, Call us on 01737 845540.